Better Together campaign sees surge in support

Campaigners for Scotland becoming an independent country have been dealt a polling blow.

Campaigners for Scotland becoming an independent country have been dealt a blow following news in one poll that their support has seen a small, but notable fall.

According to the new data released by YouGov for the Sun, 36 per cent of respondents in Scotland support independence, down 1 percentage point since YouGov’s last similar survey in April. Meanwhile 53 per cent support keeping Scotland in the union, up 2 points.

When the don’t knows are taken out of the equation, this leaves those favouring independence on 40 per cent (down 2 points) and those supporting the Union on 60 per cent (up two points).

Interestingly, the polling finds that whilst those surveyed believe the Yes Scotland campaign has been the most positive, with 47 per cent saying it has been mostly so compared to 30 per cent who feel the same about Better Together, more people believe Better Together has been honest – 40 per cent compared with the 35 per cent who feel Yes Scotland has been mostly honest.

Asked about television debates, however, 48 per cent support Alex Salmond’s call for a debate between him and the prime minister, compared to 22 per cent who said it should be between the Better Together leader, Alistair Darling, and the first minister.

Meanwhile, professor John Curtice’s latest poll of polls continues to indicate a significant lead for the no campaign.

According to the findings, which are based on one poll by ICM, one by Ipsos MORI, one by Survation, one by Panelbase, one by YouGov and one by TNS BMRB, all conducted between 21 May and 16 June, when don’t knows are excluded, 44 per cent support independence compared to 56 per cent preferring to remain part of the UK.

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