UKIP wants to charge NHS patients to skip waiting times

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has endorsed an article by the party's health spokesperson which calls for people to be allowed to pay to skip A&E waiting times.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has endorsed an article by the party’s health spokesperson which calls for people to be allowed to pay to skip A&E waiting times.

Last week Farage tweeted an article by John Stanley, a surgeon and UKIP candidate, referring to Stanley as a “UKIP health spokesman”.

In the article Stanley argues that people requiring urgent treatment should be seen within two hours, whereas those requiring non-urgent treatment should be given the option of paying to avoid waiting.

“We should accept that if a triaging clinician feels we don’t need treating within two hours required for standard cases then we be either willing to pay or willing to wait longer so cases most deserving are treated best. People should pay a higher charge if they haven’t registered with a GP as being directed back to primary care avoids unnecessary A&E visits.”

Stanley added that under UKIP people who qualify for free prescriptions would be exempt from the flat fee – but only if they haven’t been drinking.

“The same exceptions as for the prescription charge could apply unless the patient was drunk and disorderly or incapable.”

Drunk and incapable? Sounds like one of Farage’s MEPs.

In summary, among other things UKIP would:

  • Scrap NHS 111

  • Charge those requiring A&E treatment who don’t need treating within two hours

  • Allow mutual providers, including GPs, to charge a flat fee to see non-emergency cases

  • Ensure people can pay upfront fees off over a period of time when registered with a GP

  • Refuse to discount fees for drunk patients.

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39 Responses to “UKIP wants to charge NHS patients to skip waiting times”

  1. SimonLewis

    It beggars belief..

  2. catlady16

    why don’t they just shoot us now?

  3. Cole

    Their health policy will go down really well with their mostly elderly voters.

  4. Geraint

    UKIP are a right wing political party, and Labour should be pointing out UKIPs policies to Labour voters who are waivering to UKIP. Show them for what they are, the heirs to Thatcher.

  5. JakethePeg

    This isn`t new, last year I tore the ligaments in one of my legs, after seeing the doc and being on painkillers for 2 months I was eventually referred to a NHS physio. After a further 3 months I received a letter from the NHS stating if I needed to return to my work I could go private otherwise I would continue on the waiting list until my appointment became due. I refused to be bribed to jump the queue and after 10 months my leg eventually healed itself, and I still never received a date to see the physio. So the above blog is not some new concept connived by UKIP, it`s already being used by the NHS.

  6. NT86

    It’s things like this which will gradually expose the UKIP agenda.

    Labour should seriously consider a fresh start with its working class voters that it abandoned during its time in government. The tough talk on the EU and immigration is all fine and good, but when looking at these potential views on the NHS, it’s about time some of their would-be voters talk a look again.

  7. Sparky

    I think it’s an excellent idea. It would help stop non-urgent cases turning up at A&E. Waiting times would fall. The NHS would gain revenue. Drunks should always pay for their treatment, reinforcing the idea of actions and consequences. No, I’m not evil, or stupid. Neither am I a member of the ‘rich’ ruling classes who likes grinding poor people beneath my boots. So please sidestep those usual predictable insults if you wish to respond.

  8. Dorothy Nelson

    Just watch Tory kites flown under the shadow of UKIP, then later adopted if not actually considered fatal to Tory election hopes

  9. Brimstone52

    I know, it’s amazing that a doctor should have a better idea of how the provision of medical services should be organised than some Joe off the street, and yet we’ve let politicians interfere for years.

  10. Brimstone52

    Wh don’t you read John Stanley’s article?

  11. Brimstone52

    It certainly will, because they will get quicker better care.

  12. Brimstone52

    I’m certainly not an “heir to Thatcher”, during Thatcher’s reign I was a trade union branch officer. Try facing up to reality, both the Tories and Labour have sold out the British people, even the TUC is in favour of our staying in the EU.

    As a side issue I recently contacted the TUC and asked how membership of the EU benefited TU members and other ordinary working people. I haven’t had a reply.

  13. Brimstone52

    You really don’t get it do you? The Labour party (nor the Tories) give a stuff about the ordinary people of this country so there’s no point is telling them what they should or shouldn’t do. They’re not listening.

    What “tough talk on the EU”? All three main parties are committed to membership and have been for decades (the Tories since the 1950s, Labour since 1983). Even the TUC is in favour of the UK being in the EU.

    Wake up smell the coffee and support the one political party that has a hope of getting back control of our country. Unless you want to be controlled by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

    It’s not the UKIP agenda you need to worry about, that in favour of the people of the UK. It’s the self-serving people at the top of the three main parties who are selling us out that should be attracting your anger.

  14. Brimstone52

    All political parties steal ideas from their opponents, it’s nothing new.

  15. NT86

    What “tough talk on the EU”? – I was referring to UKIP’s tough talk. They slag off the EU, which is fine by me. Yet they have no problem earning nice salaries as MEPs. If they had any principle, they should refuse to contest elections in a Parliament they see as overbearing and undemocratic.

  16. Brimstone52

    Your solution is what then, carry on as before?

  17. NT86

    No, look to other alternatives outside of the political mainstream (excluding the awful Respect party of course). UKIP is just a one-man show with little policy other than being to the right of the Tories.

  18. Brimstone52

    @NT86:disqus “UKIP is just a one-man show with little policy other than being to the right of the Tories.”

    With that you show that you know nothing of UKIP.

  19. Ewan Valentine

    Good stuff!

  20. Dan

    Workers rights? I find it hard to believe you were a trade union officer.. talk about selling out your whole philosophy…

  21. treborc1

    I need to see GP’s and consultants all the time, I have just been informed I may have cancer and will have the tests and biopsy.

    Now then I feel very ill go to my GP he looks at me says I think your heart is struggling under the strain, I will phone up the hospital. he phones while I wait, it goes like this.

    Yes thank you lets see waiting time, right he cannot see Robert for six weeks, he’s totally full, sorry, my GP asks what about private, the fee to see Mr Mills is £200, yes Robert will pay that, let me see as you will under stand Mr Mills is very busy, dum dee dum ah yes we have a place for him now, can he come down now to see Mr Mills .

    Down I go into the NHS hospital, see this nice nurse who says thank you do you have the money with you or will you use a cheque, he cannot take debit or credit cards, thank you he will be with you in a few minutes would you like tea coffee and biscuits.

    This is how the NHS has worked since it started you can always circumvent the waiting times and many people have no choice, I my self had had a small heart attack and needed urgent treatment the next day.

    The NHS has been like this for years you can always pay to circumvent the waiting times and the money goes in part to the NHS I’m told out of the £150 I paid for my first time is £50 goes to the hospital for the use of the waiting room and nurse the doctor gets the £100 the fact this has been on going since 1948

  22. Brimstone52

    From the Federation of Small Businesses…

    Small businesses are often hampered by EU legislation. The flow of regulation on employment, environmental issues, as well as health and safety can discourage businesses from expanding. It can even contribute to their closure.

    How does that benefit anyone? There has to be balance in every aspect of life. Putting the emphasis on one or the other leads to someone suffering and most people who start up their own business are people who have been employees and know what it’s like to be treated badly.

    Perhaps you should find out exactly what UKIP are proposing in the way of protection for employees rather than accept what someone else wants you to believe. Bear in mind that all policy is constantly being reviewed and anything you read on the web might be out of date.

    However, there is a bigger issue than the one of worker’s rights and that is the question of who makes the decisions about how we conduct business or do anything in this country, the UK parliament or the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels?

    If you want the Brussels bureaucrats to carry on running the UK then vote for any party you like, except UKIP. UKIP are the only ones wanting to change anything. The more former Labour supporters and trade union members who join and get involved the greater say they will have on policy.

    UKIP doesn’t have a hierarchy that decides policy. Everything comes from the membership.

  23. James

    So you’re saying that UKIP do give a toss about the people in this country? Even though they plan to increase normal people’s taxes by 1-3% in order to give the country’s millionaires a further £250,000 tax break?

    Though apparently, at least they’re finding something for English graduates to do. You’re a pretty good copywriter.

  24. James

    And your means of selecting a particular part of what NT86 said and ignoring the rest of it shows that you really have no comeback to that argument.

  25. James

    So when one of your loved ones gets cancer because they couldn’t afford the “non-emergency fee” to have the symptoms looked at… etc, etc.

  26. James

    Sad to see UKIP are hiring people to troll articles that expose them. Though at least they’re “creating jobs” in that sense…

  27. James

    Seriously, how much are they paying you?

  28. Brimstone52

    What do you not understand about flat taxes collecting more tax revenue?

    How do you reckon that “normal people” will pay more tax under a flat tax scheme when NI is discontinued?

    “they’re finding something for English graduates to do”

    That’s good news. I wish I was one I might have a decent job.

  29. Brimstone52

    There was nothing else to comment on because his assertion is not backed up by any rational assessment of the facts.

  30. Brimstone52

    100% less than they’re paying you.

  31. Dorothy Nelson

    I was suggesting that Tories are feeding the ideas to UKIP,not stealing them

  32. fizzygal

    ‘Actions and consequences’ : playing football, rugby, hockey, squash, going skiing, doing DIY, diving into a swimming pool, smoking, eating too much, getting pregnant, driving badly, etc, etc, etc. Its called living.

  33. Len Day

    It’s called the National Health Service for a reason. It’s a service that services our health needs. It is not there to judge our lifestyles, or to make money out of us.

  34. Sparky

    “I was playing football and I broke my leg in a tackle.”
    “I went out last Friday night and drank until I was sick and fell over and broke my leg.”

    Yes, they do both stem from life, don’t they? But you’ll tend to find that the latter statement elicits rather less sympathy than the first. Now, why is that?

  35. Confused

    What are you talking about? If you turned up at A&E today asking for a diagnosis of symptoms of suspected cancer you’d be turned away, never mind charged. Don’t you understand the difference between A&E and a GP appointment?

  36. Neville

    What an utter rich mans NHS we would have under UKIP. Once you introduce charges that will mean the poor won’t be able to afford care and obviously privatisation will be on the way. When will be wise up and realise what a mean nasty party UKIP are. Their flat rate tax is just one other example. The rich paying a lot less and every one else paying more. Enough said.

  37. redteddy

    Charging would smash the whole ethos of the NHS. That is free at the point of use.

  38. Jess

    I believe they are referring to someone already with cancer who has emergency issues – severe pain and breathing difficulties etc. I know from experience every weekend can bring on a new emergency with cancer.

  39. Brigita

    There are also other non-musculoskeletal problems hat can occur with the foot, such as corns, cuts, toe infections etc which just needs you to look after your feet! pilnapadystes pozymiai

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