Tories wrong on NHS in Wales – new survey reveals extensive support for health service under Labour government

So often in the House of Commons and elsewhere Conservative ministers have been quick to attack the Welsh government for cutting spending on the NHS and presiding over what they argue has been a deteriorating health service.

So often in the House of Commons and elsewhere Conservative ministers have been quick to attack the Welsh government for cutting spending on the NHS and presiding over what they argue has been a deteriorating health service.

Now comes definitive proof of how wrong they are, with the publication of survey data showing the people of Wales to be more than happy with their health service.

According to the 2012/13 National Survey for Wales, 90 per cent of people were satisfied (70 per cent very satisfied and 20 per cent fairly satisfied) with the care they received at their last appointment at an NHS hospital, whilst 92 per cent (68 per cent very satisfied and 23 per cent fairly satisfied) with the care they received from their GP at their last visit.

96 per cent of people who saw a GP or had a hospital appointment agreed that they were treated with dignity and respect.

The findings come following data released as part of the British Social Attitudes Survey published earlier in the year showing that 61 per cent of people were satisfied with the health service, suggesting that David Cameron et al would do well to concentrate on fixing the mess they have created in England’s health system rather than attacking Wales which enjoys much greater support for the way it’s health service is working.

Among the other key findings from the Welsh survey are:

  • 92 per cent of parents were satisfied with the primary school their child attended and 83 per cent were satisfied with the secondary school their child attended.

  • 57 per cent of people said that their local authority provided high quality services. 53 per cent would like more information on how their council is performing.

  • 76 per cent of people agreed that people in their local area treated each other with respect and consideration; a similar proportion (75 per cent) agreed that ‘people in this neighbourhood are willing to help their neighbours’. Older people were more likely to have a positive view about people in their local area than younger people.

  • 81 per cent of people said they felt safe walking in their local area after dark.

Commenting on the result, finance minister, Jane Hutt has said:

“The National Survey for Wales is an opportunity for people to give their opinion on the issues that affect them and their community.

“We are committed to making sure the decisions we make take into account the views of the people we serve. The National Survey is one of our key sources of information on people’s views and circumstances.

“We will use these results to inform the development of policy, the delivery of public services and to find out about the well-being of the people of Wales – so that we can make Wales a better place to live and work.”

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11 Responses to “Tories wrong on NHS in Wales – new survey reveals extensive support for health service under Labour government”

  1. LB

    So why are you so keen on hiding the extent of the deaths?

    Why no call for those involved in Stafford to be jailed? Doctors and nurses killed the patients there.

    Ah yes, its the concept not the care that matters.

    So what if lots of people are slaughtered and maimed just so long as those working for the NHS don’t suffer any consequences.

  2. blarg1987

    What proof do you have that the NHS is a slaughterhouse and how does that compare to other countrie per head of population? It is all good saying something is rubbish if in comparison to other systems but to argue it is rubbish full stop is short sighted,

  3. IndependentEngland

    Wales has a Welsh Government elected by PR responsible for the Welsh NHS. England is still governed by a British government elected by the first past the post system and it is this British government which is responsible for the English NHS. It’s time England had an English government elected by PR to manage English affairs..

  4. LB

    1. It isn’t a pissing contest. It’s not Jeu san frontiers. There is no world cup for the health system that kills the most.

    2. 40,000 deaths a year according to the BMJ and other reports, for 62 million.

    3. USA, 75,000 deaths a year for 225 million insured. After all, the uninsured aren’t in the system, so we can’t include them. [If you want the whole population is 300 million]

    40,000 / 62 is way greater than 75,000 / 225, or if you want the full population, divide by 300 million. It makes the UK look even worse.

    The real point is 40,000 avoidable deaths each year. The key word is avoidable. What other countries get up to is for them. If it happens there, its just much as a killing as here.

    It’s going to get worse. The funding for the NHS went on wage increase, not health care. It bumped up the pension bill dramatically. Now we have arrogant medical staff who don’t care. See Stafford.

    What evidence do you have that the NHS is the best in the world? Or don’t you do evidence.

  5. LB

    Why PR? Why not referenda?

  6. blarg1987

    I did not say or imply the NHS is the best or the worst health care system in the world, but at the same time, it is silly to say something is rubbish and not cmpare it to other systems etc.

    BTW did people not say the figures you keep quoting from the BMJ are not accurate?

    Also might be worth reading the following:

    Worth a read as they are pretty accurate in their data and analysis and they are non biased.

  7. LB

    The comparison externally is a bogus argument. It’s not a “how many can we kill” competition.

    So compare the death rates UCH versus Birmingham. 500% more people killed in Birmingham. Why? Same funding?

    They keep saying the Peer reviewed figures are wrong. I’ve also posted a second set which put the estimate higher, at just over 41K.

    The NHS itself estimates 20-80,000.

    Then we have one hospital, Stafford killing at least 1,200. Now Stafford is bad. Another 9 hospitals such as Basildon are under investigation. We’ve had one in Kent killing hundreds through basic errors such as not cleaning the place. With 168 hospitals in the UK, the figures from the research are completely plausible.

    So you keep challenging, but you never provide any evidence? Why would that be the case?

    Now on your link.

    Where in the article does it mention avoidable deaths, and the number of people killed?

    the incidence of MRSA infection has been worse than the European average; and venous thromboembolism [blood clots] causes 25,000 avoidable deaths each year.”

    25,000 down too just two causes. The figures other are quoting are 12,000. So what’ve you have just done is post evidence that you must accept, and the evidence is that from just two causes, the NHS is killing twice as many.

    On the bias front,they are biased.

    Is a good example of a biased article.

    The Hobbs paper stated debts of 5,010 bn two years ago. That part of the debt was rising at 734 bn a year, for 5 straight years.

    This quote

    “Richard Murphy, Director of Tax Research, said: “The national debt is not £4.8 trillion. To construct any number near that amount ignores the fact that state pension liabilities might be paid over the next sixty years. Few are due now: all those that are can be afforded.”

    This is standard left wing propaganda. It ignores that the 5,010 is linked to above inflation rises. The real amount to be paid out is many times 5,010 bn. The current figure is at least 10 times tax income. That puts it in context.

  8. blarg1987

    Notice you missed the key conclusion whcih i will reiterate for you:


    Taking a step by step analysis of the White Paper claims on how the
    NHS compares internationally on disease survival rates shows that all of
    the factual comparisons being made do match what is being said in the
    available figures and research, although some of the data is

    However, the debate on how the NHS compares internationally clearly
    cannot be concluded by showing that the examples of points of comparison
    analysed above are broadly accurate. All of the reports above are
    extremely detailed and extensive, with data covering a wide range of
    diseases and health issues, in which the UK’s performance is variable –
    from very good to very bad. Focusing solely on the negative outcomes may
    therefore be a bit of a selective analysis.”

    You say the article is bias, it is not it gets all the information and provides a conclusion on the data.

    There are many things it has produced I disagree with but it states state the methodoligy for it.

    And it is very open to corrections, so why do you not write to Fullfacts about theat point and post on here their reply if as you say they are wrong?

    And I have provided evidence as the attached link, you on the other hand But I will do a you and say it is a “bogus argument” if you wish?

  9. blarg1987

    Also the article does make reference to other sources of information that say variable debt levels to argue it is bias is factually inaccaurate.

  10. LB

    From the fact based site you’ve linked to, tell us the facts, not the conclusions.

    1. How many avoidable deaths in the UK in the NHS? We only have evidence for 25,000 from just two causes. What’s the total for the other causes?

    2. Which other countries were they comparing against? What were the figures (facts) for those countries?

    Back to the 25,000. You brought up the fact I have been challenged by Cole on the 40,000 number. Since Cole was claiming 12,000, are you now going to point out to him that he was wrong, and that are at least 25,000 killed from just two causes alone in the UK?

  11. LB

    The don’t provide the evidence for the claim I’ve referenced. They have repeated propaganda that countries can have much debts as they want. ie. It doesn’t matter because the 5 trillion is spread over 60 years. Even you know that a debt linked to inflation isn’t 5 trillion over 60 years when the debt increases above inflation.

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