Respect MP George Galloway sides with Assange supporters

MP for Bradford West, George Galloway, has caused outrage online after relentlessly trying to discredit the women who have accused Julian Assange of sex crimes against them.

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MP for Bradford West, George Galloway, has caused outrage online after relentlessly trying to discredit the women who have accused Julian Assange of sex crimes against them.

gallowayIn Galloway’s video podcast ‘Good night with George Galloway’, the MP said:

 “Not everybody needs to be asked prior to each insertion.

Some people believe that when you go to bed with somebody, take off your clothes, and have sex with them and then fall asleep, you’re already in the sex game with them.

It might be really bad manners not to have tapped her on the shoulder and said, “do you mind if I do it again?”. It might be really sordid and bad sexual etiquette, but whatever else it is, it is not rape or you bankrupt the term rape of all meaning. .

I don’t believe either of those women, I don’t believe either of these stories.

Galloway took to Twitter to defend his comments and further promote the views of Assange’s apologists. He retweeted an article that attacks and names the two women involved, accusing their claims of being politically motived.

Here’s a quote from the sickening article:

Julian Assange hurt her feelings, she was angry about it and decided to take revenge on him. The main problem now is that she would never withdraw little lie, because she is responsible now for a huge thing and the whole world would hate her if she confesses.

She puts herself in a pretty bad position, even if she regrets her lie by now. In order to protect herself, she would never ever admit that she lied.

The bottom line: Don’t sleep with feminists, and if you are drunk and do it anyway… Don’t sleep with her feminist girlfriend and hurt her. These girls think they are smart and know how to use Google to find funny stuff about Revenge. Another bad thing: They know feminist state attorneys.

The Julian Assange case has triggered some truly horrific opinions towards rape cases and highlights how society’s attitudes to rape victims has contributed to poor conviction rates. I can only imagine how the constituents of Bradford West feel about their MP publicly supporting these unreasonable, insensitive views.


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Left Foot Forward previously reported on the lowly ways that Galloway ran his election campaign earlier this year:

The way in which Galloway conducted his deeply divisive campaign should leave him with nothing to be proud about. But as I said yesterday he doesn’t care about you, or me or Bradford, or Glasgow or Bethnal Green, or Joe Public, or the man-in-the-street. Galloway is a one-man brand, and one who appeals to low politics and dirty tricks – what a pity that we have to see him in parliament (occasionally) again.

The evidence of George Galloway’s ridiculousness suggests that no one would take him seriously, but sadly his 87,000 Twitter followers and the majority vote he received in the recent Bradford West by-election suggests that some may do just that.


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78 Responses to “Respect MP George Galloway sides with Assange supporters”

  1. Selohesra

    we’d all agree rape is terrible but I have a bit of sympathy for Galloway and Ken Clarke when he made his comments. They may have been clumsy in their choice of words but they were really just pointing out there is a difference between the scenario Galloway described and for instance dragging some complete stranger down a dark alley at knife point. Both are wrong but in my view one is more serious than the other. Getting all angry over these comments does risk dimishing the impact of the term rape

  2. treborc

    Rubbish all rape is just as serious, no matter how or when it’s done.

  3. penfold

    a 16 year old boy having consensual sex with his 15 year old girlfriend is just as serious is it? it is technically rape after all.

  4. trotters1957

    The problem is that they are lying, however idiotically Galloway puts it they are lying.
    It’s obvious he will be extradited to the US as soon as he gets to Sweden and the chances of him getting a fair trail there are zero.

  5. Rob Marchant

    Quite right. Galloway defends Assange because, at base, they are rather similar. I have posted a few thoughts on this over at Labour Uncut:

  6. John Ruddy

    Everyone says that, except no on has been able to prove it. The place to test these charges is in a court of law – yet Assange seems to want to avoid this….

  7. Selohesra

    At the moment the Swedes want to question him – not necessariy arrest him. Why dont they pop over to London to ask their questions in the Equador embassy? or if they cant afford the fare set up a video conference?

  8. mikems

    This headline is dreadful propaganda.

    ‘Assage supporters’ and rape all mixed up with the aim of tarring Labour party opponents as supporters of rape.

    But Assange is an innocent man until he is proven guilty and his supporters support wikileaks, not rape.

  9. mikems

    Because he suspects he is being trapped into extradition to the USA.

    If he could be sure he wouldn’t be extradited from Sweden to the USA he would go and be questioned I expect.

  10. mikems

    That’s not ‘thoughts’ it is smears.

  11. mikems

    This could also be spun – if anyone was dishonest enough to do it – as ‘Assange opponents support US hegemony’, couldn’t it?

  12. Newsbot9

    You want to change Swedish law now to suit you. They don’t charge people until just before the trial, so they’d still need to have him in Sweden if they brought charges…

  13. Newsbot9

    So, a situation in which the UK AND Sweden would have to agree to extradite him is less secure in one which only the UK would? It’s ridiculous.

  14. Newsbot9

    Completely agree.

  15. TomSparc

    Simplistic thinking is your forte!

  16. TomSparc

    Your confusion and ignorance is complete on every subject. I’m sure you won’t alleviate your ignorance, but for everyone else:

    Julian Assange is right to fear US prosecution. There are clear signs that the US is on track to prosecute the WikiLeaks founder, which, as his US lawyer, I advise him to heed, despite the denials of the Obama administration.

  17. TomSparc

    So why won’t they question him in the UK? You keep going round in circles and avoiding this massive clue that this is all about getting Assange to Sweden – which already has history for colluding with the Americans on extraordinary rendition.

    Educate yourself just a little before commenting.

  18. Newsbot9

    You are clueless as usual.

    Britain has a *far* worse record on cooperating with rendition, and it would quite probably bring the Swedish government down if anyhing happened to Assange.

    You’re, of course, a rape apologist.

  19. Newsbot9

    You’re spinning a typical conspiracy theory, and supporting a jingoistic attack on the UK and Sweden.

    Keep it up, spammer.

  20. Newsbot9

    *Checks* No, it’s you, spammer.

  21. TomSparc

    So, not only are you a racist you also support extraordinary rendition and torture. You’re not a very nice person, are you?

    * Karl Rove’s Swedish Connections: The Controversy & The Facts.

  22. TomSparc

    You have no coherent response.

  23. TomSparc

    Your world appears to be a series of conspiracy theories. Some of us prefer facts and reality.

  24. Newsbot9

    Yes, shame you’re reversing you and me again.

  25. Newsbot9

    …no response which you as a far right winger will read.

  26. Newsbot9

    Yes, you keep saying that supporting justice is anything but supporting justice. I support prosecuting crimes.

    You, evidently, don’t.

  27. Newsbot9

    Again, like a good American exceptionalist you want everyone to change their laws to suit YOUR view of the world. I don’t need to “think” about your transparent rape apologias.

  28. TomSparc

    You’re confused again.

  29. TomSparc

    You are clearly very uninformed on this subject as you are on seemingly every other.

    No surprise that you have not read the evidence provided.

  30. TomSparc

    Why do you keep accusing others of what you are?

  31. Newsbot9

    Nope, I know what I’m saying perfectly, it accords with the international law American exceptionalists like you are attacking.

  32. TomSparc

    Only you have admitted to being a proud racist.

  33. Newsbot9

    Where? Quote my post.

  34. Newsbot9

    I don’t, you’re confusing my and your posts.

  35. Newsbot9

    You’ve spun a conspiracy theory, and expect me to support it. This is a straightforward case of someone dodging a fully legal EAW.

  36. TomSparc

    Why do you continually lie? Rhetorical question. It’s because you know you have nothing else to work with.

    Here’s more information that you will choose to remain ignorant about:

    * Stratfor Email Hints U.S. May Have Already Indicted WikiLeaks’ Assange.

  37. TomSparc

    Again you confuse facts with your own delusions. Yet more for you to ignore in order to protect your bigoted view of the world:

    Rove Suspected In Swedish-U.S. Political Prosecution of WikiLeaks.

  38. TomSparc


  39. Newsbot9

    You’re ignoring the basics, like the fact that extradition is possible without evidence from the UK, but not Sweden. The Sweden with, overall, a very GOOD human rights record.

    Keep excusing rape.

  40. TomSparc

    Now you don’t know what you write! I suspect your lying has confused you.

  41. Newsbot9

    A typical spam response from someone who’s spamming away madly.

  42. TomSparc

    Your naivete matches your ignroance that you think the Americans are bound by law, morality or human rights.

  43. Newsbot9

    Ah, well, you’d know all about that.

    Back in Europe…

  44. TomSparc

    I know a great deal more than you. Clearly.

  45. TomSparc

    Why won’t you respond honestly to the evidence?

  46. TomSparc

    Stop lying. Produce some evidence.

  47. TomSparc

    You think the planet’s scientists are part of some conspiracy?! Delusional.

  48. Newsbot9

    International law. There.

  49. Newsbot9

    The evidence of a serious sexual crime, which you’re trying to suppress?

  50. Newsbot9

    Yes, as usual for conspiracy theories you keep claiming you know loads of shadowy things which are not real.

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