Support Left Foot Forward’s Living Wage Appeal

LFF has launched an intern London Living Wage appeal, to ensure it can continue to fight the good fight while protecting interns' working conditions.

Left Foot Forward

As 2010 draws to a close, progressives must ask themselves what they can do to fight back against the pace of spending cuts, the vandalism of public services, and the Coalition’s decision to make the poorest pay the most.

Through our evidence-based approach to blogging, Left Foot Forward is determined to carry the fight to the politicians who abuse the facts in support of their agenda and the media collaborators who side with them. To employ an intern to help with this vital work, we are launching We are asking you, our supporters, to help us reach this figure. an appeal to raise £14,300 to pay a London Living Wage.

If you have found Left Foot Forward’s coverage this year enjoyable, informative and thought-provoking, please support this appeal. And if you want to see progressives carry the fight in a year which threatens massive job losses, public services in disarray and the welfare state under sustained attack, please support this appeal.

Left Foot Forward’s appeal has been backed by campaigners for interns’ working rights. Gus Baker of Intern Aware said: “”It is fantastic that Left Foot Forward not only aspires to pay its intern minimum wage, but London Living Wage. Progressives should back this appeal heartily. Other blogs should follow LFF’s example”.

Meanwhile, Interns Anonymous co-founder Alex Try said:

“We wholeheartedly support Left Foot Forward in tackling this issue head on. All progressives should pay their interns a fair wage and all those that care about youth unemployment and low pay should get behind this appeal and look at whether their own organisation pays its interns.”

Please support this appeal and help us continue our mission in an ethically sustainable way.

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