David Clegg-eron, change you can’t believe in

David Cameron, in his party election broadcast last night, recycled seven Nick Cleggisms.

If you can’t beat ’em, well, nick their best lines… that was the message sent out by David Cameron in his hastily arranged home made video Party Election Broadcast last night, in which he recycled a magnificent 7 (seven) Cleggisms, striving in vain to out-nice the nice guy and keep the wolves from the door.

Here they are:

1. Dave said: “people are desperate for change”; on March 1 2010, Nick said: “The people I meet…they’re desperate for change.”

2. Dave said: “you have got to be prepared to talk to people straight”; on March 24 2010, Nick said: “being straight with people about the tough times ahead”.

3. Dave said: “not just tell people what they want to hear”; on December 29 2009, Nick said: “People don’t want leading politicians just telling people what they want to hear. There’s got to be more to it than that.”

4. Dave said: “our country also needs real energy and optimism”; on December 19 2007, Nick said: “What I am interested in is projecting the message of optimism and energy.”

5. Dave said: “it means completely changing the way this country is run”; on January 20 2010, Nick said: “I think we need to completely change the way things are run.”

6. Dave said: “We’ll pass another queens speech, we’ll pass a few more laws… does anyone think we are going to crack crime by one more Criminal Justice Bill?”; on November 18 2009, Nick said: “It’s like passing a law promising to get up early every morning. You don’t pass a law – you just do it.? Is it not time for this government to accept that passing laws doesn’t cut crime.”

7. Dave said: “[no] more of the old politics, we might even be left stuck with what we have got now, that is why we need a new Conservative government”; on March 24 2010, Nick said: “old politics is not good enough any more”.

Hat tip to the Labour party for doing the digging on this and putting it in a press release. As Lord Mandelson said:

“David Cameron has spent four years saying what he thinks people want to hear and now when he believes people want to hear Nick Clegg, he starts imitating him. David Cameron has lost his real voice, assuming he had one in the first place.”

Poor Dave; y’know, he was the future once…

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  1. Marion Cromb

    RT @benjamin_cook: RT @RufusHound: I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Cameron. I said ALMOST. RT @leftfootfwd: //bit.ly/9glh0T

  2. Joshua G B Hardy

    @leftfootfwd //bit.ly/9glh0T Cameron attempts to hijack Clegg's words to win back voters. Cameron has no originality and is failing

  3. Amy Smith

    RT @RufusHound: I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Cameron. I said ALMOST. RT @leftfootfwd: //bit.ly/9glh0T

  4. Michael Wilson

    RT @leftfootfwd: David Clegg-eron, change you can't believe in: //bit.ly/9glh0T

  5. Adam Highway

    RT @RufusHound: I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Cameron. I said ALMOST. RT @leftfootfwd: //bit.ly/9glh0T

  6. Colin

    …and what did Gordon say, or didn’t they do a similar analysis?

  7. Heather Stevens

    Cameron agrees with Nick. //bit.ly/dqUpNW

  8. Tristan Hargreaves

    Oh dear guess he's struggling to find something original @leftfootfwd: //bit.ly/9glh0T

  9. Rachel Allen

    RT @RufusHound: I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Cameron. I said ALMOST. RT @leftfootfwd: //bit.ly/9glh0T > WELL WORTH THE READ!!

  10. Simon Titley

    Whatever happened to Left Foot Forward’s policy of being “non-partisan” and adhering to “evidence-based analysis”? This posting is neither. It is tendentious party propaganda. It is also a lame attempt to copy the Lib Dems’ “Labservative” concept by suggesting that the Lib Dems and Tories are the same. Presumably this is what passes for humour these days among partisan Labour supporters but what’s it doing here? And it does somewhat contradict LFF’s more “evidence-based” assessments of the Lib Dems, for example here (//www.leftfootforward.org/2010/04/the-lib-dem-manifesto-a-progressive-perspective/) and here (//www.leftfootforward.org/2010/04/conservative-candidates-change-new-politics/).

  11. Shamik Das

    Looks like some people either don’t have a sense of humour or don’t think the Left should be allowed to do humour. And anyway, though funny and penned in the style of a Metro page 3 article, it is an evidence-based attack – look at all the links.

  12. Brian Randell

    RT @RufusHound: I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Cameron. I said ALMOST. RT @leftfootfwd: //bit.ly/9glh0T

  13. Simon Titley

    @Shamik – Your piece follows a similar logic to this:
    but without the wit. As it happens, I think the left should be “allowed to do humour”. It’s just that the permits should be restricted to people who possess some wit. As for your effort? Laugh? I thought I’d never start.

  14. Syed Farrukh Bokhari

    RT @leftfootfwd: David Clegg-eron, change you can't believe in //bit.ly/9glh0T

  15. Jess Elliott

    @j_shirtcliffe very snappy. beats his usual tactic of recycling other people's lines: //bit.ly/b1UHmF

  16. How is this compassionate Conservatism then? | johninnit

    […] to consider this if he’s going to do well on his left. Fair dos for telling us straight (like Nick) that times are going to be tough – but this is telling us that he and his mates are going to […]

  17. Lisa Marriott

    RT @leftfootfwd: David Clegg-eron, change you can't believe in //bit.ly/9glh0T

  18. Lucy Berger

    RT @leftfootfwd: David Clegg-eron, change you can't believe in //bit.ly/9glh0T

  19. kate

    seems so funny to reas this now what with our new lib/lab govenment !! cameron makes me heave and clegg is just a little lap dog at best and “yes” man at worst , how sad things are getting …70% cuts for
    local childrens service over the next 2 yrs !!!potential loss of rural bus service , no job contract renewed at end of finacial yr ….so out of touch and i’ve just read about camerons idea for a non milatary style national service as a youth worker who is facing the whole of her service being lost in the near future i am wondering who is going to staff “the youngsters” not me i can tell you the proposals are so out of touch 8 weeks wiith young people from all walks of life co habiating and contributing to soceity get real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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