Isolated Cameron defends Kaminski (again) as European leaders rally round Brown

The controversy over David Cameron's alliance with Michal Kaminski re-ignited today following an interview in which the Tory leader once again defended him.

The controversy over David Cameron’s alliance with Michal Kaminski re-ignited today following an interview in which the Tory leader once again defended the Polish extremist and centre-Right European leaders pledged their support to Gordon Brown.

In an interview with Johann Hari in the Independent, Cameron deployed his usual tactics of denial, evasiveness and anger when questioned about Kaminski, as he’s done every time he’s been confronted with the evidence of Kaminski and his party’s extremism.

Just like his response to Left Foot Forward when asked the same question last month, it appears political expediency trumps conviction, that pacifying the Eurosceptics in his party by signing up to Kaminski’s vision of Europe is all that matters – even at the expense of his own self-styled “liberal, nice, new Tory” credentials.

As Hari points out, the evidence shows that his claim that Kaminski is “not a homophobe” is “wrong – and shockingly so”. Cameron told Left Foot Forward that he “wouldn’t join up with parties that were racist, homophobic or extremist in any way”; he tells Hari that he’s “not allied with parties that have views on homophobia or racism that I think are unacceptable” and on and on…

Hari concludes:

“There are flickers of apparently real pro-gay feeling, but they are soon followed by excuse-making for some of the most anti-gay politicians in Europe. Which is the real Cameron? On this issue, I suspect even he doesn’t know.”

There was further evidence of Cameron’s isolation in Europe this morning with news that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor – both former allies of the Conservatives – will visit Gordon Brown for high-profile talks before the election, seen as “tacit support” of his re-election campaign.

The Prime Minister will also be given a central role at a special committee to discuss the economy in Brussels next Thursday, and the Spanish Premier Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero – who has already given public backing to Brown – will visit London for the Progressive Governance Conference later this month, which Left Foot Forward will report from.

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