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Here’s why the government’s Youth Contract failed

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To prevent young people being left stranded and disillusioned on the dole, we need to move away from ‘one size fits all’ approaches.

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Apprenticeship starts for young people fall by over 11,000 under coalition

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Securing an apprenticeship is now twice as hard as getting a place at university.

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People shouldn’t be written off for life because of past mistakes


Requirements for life-long disclosure of minor cautions are disproportionate.

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Training for young people is a good move, but Labour should be asking more of employers

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Without reference to how Labour intends to bring about good growth there is little point talking about training.

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Fiscal arguments ‘of the head’ are not always the best way of defending immigration

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Gabriella Jozwiak reports from the Migrant’s Rights Network event last night on young people’s attitude to immigration.

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Apprenticeships must be more than just another vocational option for the non-academic


The apprenticeship brand has work to do to adapt its image for a new generation of workers.

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Scrapping housing benefit for under 25s will only feed youth homelessness

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It is unlikely that scrapping housing benefit for under-25s will mean that claimants will go back to living with parents.

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Half of school leavers don’t go to uni – let’s not forget them

Political debate tends to revolve around school leavers who go onto university, but there has been a lack of focus on the half of young people who don’t.

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For many young people ‘study hard, work hard, go to university, get a job’ isn’t reality

The media and political debate over grade inflation and Michael Gove’s proposed GCSE reforms disguise how difficult it is for young people in today’s struggling economy.

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Politicians Need To Do More To Protect Children and Young People From The Press

A group of young people from Haringey created their own local project Positive Youth News Haringey to tackle the negative representation of youth in the media.

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