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Football can no longer belong to a handful of people in a room in Switzerland

Sebb BLatterj

Power over the global game must be handed back to fans, and it’s far from impossible.

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Brazil: Carla Dauden explains why she won’t be going to the World Cup

Carla Dauden recorded this video shortly before the recent protests began. In it she explains some of the reasons why she and many other Brazilians will not be going to the World Cup.

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Comment: Qatar 2022: There should be no World Cup without workers’ rights

Following the Emir of Qatar’s visit to Britain last week, Ruwan Subasinghe shines a light on the 2022 World Cup host’s appalling record on workers’ rights.

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FIFA: A laughing stock that isn’t funny anymore

A year after South Africa held such a fantastic (bar England’s performance) World Cup, they are still waiting for £50 million FIFA promised them.

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South Africa – One year on from the World Cup

Tony Dykes, the Director of Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA), looks at the state of the nation, one year on from the World Cup.

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Qatari apathy demonstrates folly of FIFA

A decision to move the Qatar World Cup to the winter might yet even finally provide the spark for an effective challenge to the unaccountability and misgovernance of FIFA.

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2018 may be lost, but PM can still deliver a brighter future for school sport

England lost out in the bid to host the 2018 World Cup today, despite having arguably the best presentation, with Prince William, David Beckham and David Cameron making the case for football to come home. Russia won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, with rank outsiders Qatar – a country with an appalling human rights record – being selected to host the 2022 World Cup.

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Let’s hope the World Cup really was the beginning of a better future for South Africa

TweetOur guest writer is Mark Beacon, campaigns manager for Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA), the successor organisation to the Anti Apartheid Movement; ACTSA campaigns for justice, rights and development in solidarity with people in southern Africa Today is the first Nelson Mandela Day, which will be celebrated at the British Museum from 11-4. One week […]

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Spain reign, but what impact has the World Cup left on South Africa?

For many South Africans in the Soweto township and around the country, the World Cup has been a bonanza for the rich at the expense of the poor – and the tournament’s critics have not remained silent.

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