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Online protest works: workfare firm pulls out after Twitter storm

A Bristol-based computer firm has pulled out of George Osborneā€™s Help to Work scheme after a backlash from welfare campaigners on social media.

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Government ‘trying to stigmatise job seekers’, says trade union

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Labour and Unite have slammed the government’s new mandatory Community Work Placement scheme, reports Rob Edwards.

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Those targeted by new Workfare scheme make up just 2% of benefits bill

Those targeted by a new workfare scheme to be announced by chancellor George Osborne today make up just 5 per cent of JSA claims and 2.5 per cent of the benefits bill.

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TaxPayers’ Alliance welfare proposals save little money, but add to misery

The Taxpayers Alliance has released a new report on welfare dependency, but the proposed solutions do little to save costs and only adds to hardship.

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Five things the government won’t tell you about Workfare

The Department of Work and Pensions today rushed through emergency legislation to ensure that job-seekers unfairly sanctioned by their policies are unable to claim compensation. This provides an opportunity to look at how utterly infective they have been at getting people into work.

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Welfare to work scheme failing, say MPs

The government’s welfare-to-work scheme has been branded ‘extremely poor’ by MPs, who said the best performing provider only moved 5% of people off benefit and into work.

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Poundland ‘breached forced labour laws’

Poundland has lost a case in court and has been found to have breached forced labour laws

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Comment: Boris’s ‘workfare’ programme represents a shameful lack of care for young people

Even after the very public failings of the government’s Work Programme, Boris Johnson is pushing forward with his own mandatory work experience scheme.

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The government’s Work Programme (still) isn’t working

New ONS figures reveal that the number of long-term unemployed has more than doubled since May 2010: a new milestone in the Work Programme’s litany of failure.

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After Jubileegate: Five reasons why the Work Programme gets it wrong

The scandal surrounding the exploitation of unpaid stewards at the jubilee celebrations is the latest object lesson in the Work Programme’s many systemic flaws.

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