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Another Department for Work and Pensions failure?

More than two thirds of people on the government’s controversial Work Programme are still without a job after two years on the scheme, according to new figures.

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The Work Programme: just 1 in 20 ESA claimants have found work through the scheme

Job centre plus

The latest batch of Work Programme data were released today. New quarter; similar results: a programme doing acceptably for some, but for others not.

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3 questions Iain Duncan Smith must answer

We have three questions that we believe IDS ought to be asked by the committee.

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Watch: “Lying, thieving, b******s”… Whistleblower reveals sick views of Work Programme contractors

Disabled and jobless people were referred to as “lying, thieving, bastards” by a major Work Programme contractor, the BBC’s Panorama revealed last night.

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Comment: Boris’s ‘workfare’ programme represents a shameful lack of care for young people

Even after the very public failings of the government’s Work Programme, Boris Johnson is pushing forward with his own mandatory work experience scheme.

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Cameron’s PMQs Work Programme claims don’t add up

Ed Miliband reiterated his claim the Work Programme had a success rate of just 2% at Prime Minsiter’s Questions today – a figure dismissed by David Cameron.

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The Work Programme isn’t working

Compared to its predecessor the Flexible New Deal, the Work Programme isn’t working, writes IPPR North’s Bill Davies.

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The abject failure of the Work Programme

Official figures from the DWP show just how big a failure the government’s Work Programme has been.

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Unofficial figures show 70% on Work Programme still jobless after a year

Ahead of the official publication of Work Programme Outcome Statistics by ONS this morning, ministers have been preparing the ground for low expectations.

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The government’s Work Programme (still) isn’t working

New ONS figures reveal that the number of long-term unemployed has more than doubled since May 2010: a new milestone in the Work Programme’s litany of failure.

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