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Why the Tories are wrong to compare benefit increases with average earnings

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Cameron is blaming those on benefits for his government’s failure to grow the economy and control inflation.

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On welfare, it is UKIP playing catch up with Labour and the Tories

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On Welfare, UKIP is taking its lead from Labour and the Conservatives.

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What you need to know about Osborne’s working age benefit freeze

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Your cut out and keep guide to today’sannouncement on freezing working age benefits.

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Coalition misses universal credit target (again)

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Just a fraction of the people the government wants to move to Universal Credit have been moved across to the new payment system, according to new statistics from the Department for Work & Pensions.

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Cameron’s migrant benefit move is even worse than you think


The latest restrictions on migrants claiming benefits won’t only harm migrant workers but also Britons.

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Message to David Cameron: you have no evidence the benefit system acts as a ‘magnetic pull’

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There’s very little evidence of the ‘magnetic pull’ of our benefits system. But there is evidence which suggests the Prime Minister wants to win back disillusioned Tory voters who’ve been attracted by UKIP.

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The real reason the Lib Dems U-turned on the Bedroom Tax

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The Bedroom Tax U-turn is about dire Lib Dem poll ratings, not principles.

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Even George Osborne doesn’t want it: yet another setback for Universal Credit

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Even George Osborne is reluctant to endorse Universal Credit.

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The government’s overall objective should be simple: zero hunger

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Food poverty is an extreme example of what happens when the welfare system breaks down.

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This is why the profit motive has no place in our public services


The DWP isn’t just off the rails but careering down the embankment.

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