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As PIP fiasco joins IDS’ record of failure, it is time for PM to get a grip

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It’s time for David Cameron to get a grip on the chaos which IDS has given rise to at the DWP.

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We need to change the terms of the welfare debate

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While financial prudence is vital if Labour is to win power, we cannot put it before compassion.

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Why Iain Duncan Smith should resign

iain duncan smith

TweetHis welfare schemes keep imploding, severely ill people keep being declared fit for work and so many people are falling through cracks in the benefits system that food bank use surpassed a million this year. Yet Iain Duncan Smith soldiers on. The media seem obsessed with discussing Ed Miliband’s appearance, but the man who has […]

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Jump in working housing benefit claimants makes mockery of coalition welfare claims

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A jump in the number of housing benefit claimants shows the government is prioritising being ‘tough’ about benefits ahead of being correct about them.

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Government ‘trying to stigmatise job seekers’, says trade union

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Labour and Unite have slammed the government’s new mandatory Community Work Placement scheme, reports Rob Edwards.

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Until ESA is reformed, the rights won by generations of disability campaigners will evaporate

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The new Spartacus report proposes an alternative to the broken ESA system.

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Government hampering scrutiny of universal credit, say MPs

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The Work and Pensions Select Committee has today accused the government of “hampering” its inquiry into Universal Credit.

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People hit by Bedroom Tax choosing between eating and heating

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People hit by the hated Bedroom Tax are choosing between eating and heating, with three quarters cutting back on food bills, according to a new report.

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Labour has betrayed its supporters on the welfare cap

TweetThe Tory austerity drive – bound up as it is in the barefaced lie that Britain was brought low in 2008 by benefit scroungers and not reckless bankers – was never about fixing the economy. It was about shrinking the state. As such, it was hardly surprising to see Cameron’s Etonian class warriors lining up […]

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The welfare cap ties a Labour government to ‘predistribution’

Welfare cap1j

The welfare cap could help focus attention on the drivers of benefit spending.

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