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Welfare to work scheme failing, say MPs

The government’s welfare-to-work scheme has been branded ‘extremely poor’ by MPs, who said the best performing provider only moved 5% of people off benefit and into work.

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Charity survey shows up shambolic work programme

In the wake of the unfolding A4e scandal, a new survey reveals bafflingly low client referral rates among welfare-to-work subcontractors. What’s going on?

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New report reveals “devastating evidence of systemic fraud within A4e”

A leaked internal A4e document has revealed evidence of “systemic fraud” at the company, BBC Newsnight’s Paul Mason revealed tonight.

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The document A4E doesn’t want you to see

An internal A4e document suggests A4e’s work programme performance has been poor. We round up the evidence and allow readers to make up their own mind.

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Chris Grayling should respond to criticism of workfare, not smear the critics

Izzy Koksal debunks Chris Grayling’s defence of workfare – or rather, his attacks on the critics of workfare.

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Welfare-to-work companies may be better at ‘playing the game’ than providing services

Among those selected by the government to carry out its welare to work programme are Atos, G4S and Serco – all have dubious records carrying out public sector contracts.

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