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The coalition is slowly terminating the social contract

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We need to talk about our rights as members of the public rather than letting corporations define them, writes Matt Hawkins.

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DWP advises jobcentres on foodbank referrals

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The DWP has been advising jobcentres on referring benefit claimants to food banks – despite the government’s insistence that food banks do not form part of the welfare system.

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There’s something badly wrong with our welfare system

Today’s figures should open up debate on how to reform the current system of tax credits and benefits. What is clear is that more needs to be done to address the growing number of people who are actively contributing to society but yet are finding it increasingly difficult just to get by.

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Did the welfare bill really get out of control under Labour?

The idea that social security spending got out of control under Labour isn’t really backed up by Department of Work and Pensions evidence.

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Why ‘One Nation Social Security’ also needs a map and compass

In Ed Miliband’s speech on social security yesterday, he set out a number of ways in which the present system pays for failure: having too many people in long-term unemployment; subsidising low paid work; subsidising rents rather than building homes; and not recognising contribution.

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Two cheers for Ed Miliband’s shift on welfare. He’s missing something, though

In a speech today at Newham Dockside, Ed Miliband will tackle head on the attempts to brand Labour the party of welfare, and will say that controlling social security spending and putting decent values at the heart of the system are “not conflicting priorities”.

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Five things the coalition won’t tell you about Universal Credit

The professed aim of the introduction of Universal Credit is to boost the personal responsibility of claimants, smooth the passage to work and prepare out-of-work claimants for their next job. There are a number of problems with Universal Credit, however – problems which haven’t been given anywhere near the amount of coverage by the press that they warrant.

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Progressives can win the debate on welfare

It’s regularly assumed that progressives can’t win the debate on welfare, and must outflank conservative opinion from the right. But looking at polling data more closely, this might not be the case.

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Welsh low-middle income families hit hardest by welfare reforms

The coalition’s government’s welfare reforms will hit low-middle income families in Wales the hardest, according to a report produced for the Welsh government.

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Majority of public want to maintain or increase welfare spending, according to new poll

The public want more, not less, spent on welfare, the NHS and education, according to a new poll by ComRes for ITV.

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