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Canada’s newest union to dedicate 10% to organising

Canada’s newest union, Unifor the Union, aims to fight Canada’s anti-trade union legislation.

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For the credibility of the party Labour is right to take strong action over Falkirk

It’s become increasingly clear in recent weeks that the Conservative Party is looking for anything it can with which to smear the Labour Party link with the trade unions.

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US Unions Embrace ‘alt.labor’ workers

At a recent conference in Toronto of Workers Uniting, the global union created by Unite in the UK and Ireland and the US and Canadian union, the United Steelworkers, I heard a new term, which has now spread widely across the union movement in the USA.

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The minimum wage at 15 – fully grown-up?

There is a strong consensus that the National Minimum Wage (NMW) has been a success yet, quite rightly, we are still worried about low pay. Can we do more with the NMW, or should we be thinking about a whole platter of policies to bring about fairer pay?

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Labour must take seriously the need to expand collective bargaining

In the coverage of Ed Miliband’s recent speech at Newham Dockside, the sections of the speech on employment sadly received scant media coverage. The press focused instead on welfare and benefits.

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Comment: Qatar 2022: There should be no World Cup without workers’ rights

Following the Emir of Qatar’s visit to Britain last week, Ruwan Subasinghe shines a light on the 2022 World Cup host’s appalling record on workers’ rights.

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Comment: Cricketers must act against the international calendar’s effects on their health

Players need to speak out against the absurdity of the current international calendar with a view to protecting their own financial interests and health.

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In austere times, German trade union achieves above-inflation pay rise for workers

Germany’s giant IG Metall union has secured an inflation-busting pay increase of 4.3% for engineers and metal workers.

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Memo to EU leaders: If austerity fails, it’s austerity’s fault – not that of workers’ rights

Europe needs an alternative vision and this has to be done by putting faith in people, rather putting faith in the “elites” and destroying social rights.

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Fuel strike dispute: The view from the driver’s cab

Left Foot Forward brings you the view from the people at the heart of the fuel strike dispute – the tanker drivers. Here is their story.

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