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Is the UUP a spent force?

A former Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) leadership candidate has concluded that it is likely he and a former deputy leader of the party will form a new unionist party to take on the UUP and Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Our writer Ed Jacobs asks if this spells the end of the UUP.

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The hate at the heart of the Orange Order

Two of Northern Ireland’s most senior politicians face disciplinary action from the Orange Order for attending the funeral mass of Ronan Kerr.

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UUP leader calls for end to mandatory coalitions at Stormont

Ulster Unionist Party leader Tom Elliott has called for an end to the statutory obligation for coalition government in Northern Ireland, and for there to be an official opposition.

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Has the UUP/Tory link hit the rocks?

Is the Conservative Party’s electoral link with the Ulster Unionists about to come to an end? Ed Jacobs reports on the latest developments in Northern Ireland.

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