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What the left should take from Rochester and Strood

THornberry tweet

Majorities have group identities just like minorities, and that’s fine.

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UKIP can’t always be all things to all people

Nigel Farage

The more concretely we paint UKIP as a pointless third-rate Thatcher tribute band, the more effective it will prove.

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Too little too late from Cameron as the Green Climate Fund barely meets its targets

The green investment bank and related measures has faced a mixed reaction from the environmental community

Critics of Cameron’s environmental pledge should be reminded that the UK’s contribution is actually very small.

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By-election candidates are still refusing to answer questions on the NHS


With a likely win days away, UKIP candidate Mark Reckless still has not made his NHS policy clear.

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What’s really putting Indian students off UK universities?


The coalition’s policies are as much to blame as UKIP in creating the perception that the UK is hostile to overseas students.

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Cameron is playing with fire on the EU

David Cameron ncrj

Cameron’s European policy could signal the end of the UK as we know it.

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The myth of migrants ‘flocking’ to Britain’s ‘soft touch’ benefits system

Asylum seekers ncr

The desire to ‘get on’ isn’t confined to affluent Westerners.

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Cameron must not cave in to UKIP pressure at the EU climate change summit

Fossil Fuels ncrj

The argument put forward by Tory and UKIP dinosaurs is fundamentally flawed.

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UKIP continue to lead in Rochester and Strood

Ukip badgej

UKIP’s lead in the seat is up from the 9-point lead it had in a similar poll published earlier this month.

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UKIP policies: dangerous, costly and yes, racist

UKIP rosette

We don’t need to go trawling through old manifestos and historic statements; it’s right there on their website.

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