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How to stop wage stagnation? Stronger collective bargaining, says new report

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Stronger collective bargaining is part of the solution to stop wage stagnation, according to a new report.

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US unions to fight back against right-wing attacks and trade deals

US unions

Policy-making is being taken out of the hands of elected politicians in favour of corporate interests.

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The Living Wage – all in this together

Living wage

We need to drop our own stereotypes and get out of our comfort zones to build alliances with others.

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A strong recovery needs strong unions and public investment

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When the share of wages in national income decreases, consumption decreases.

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Battling hostile management, Ritzy workers inspire low-paid workers across the UK

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At least some young workers are starting to realise that they won’t get paid what they’re entitled to without a fight.

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Strong unions won you your rights, not kind-hearted rich men

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Decent pay and conditions for working people didn’t simply fall out of the sky.

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The key to reducing inequality? Stronger trade unions

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The widening gap between rich and poor reflects a decline in trade union power, so argue the authors of the bestselling book The Spirit Level.

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Globalisation is taking its toll on workers rights

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According to a new report, the UK falls within the category of nations where people’s workplace rights are regularly violated.

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The Tories want to ban strikes without 50% turnout, yet they accuse others of class war

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If you are simultaneously bashing the unions and slashing welfare, you’re also not in the best position to accuse others of conducting class war.

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The Evening Standard’s trade union bashing

There are those in the media who are so nostalgic for the days of openly bashing trade unions they are busy recreating a kind of Sealed Knot society devoted to replaying the 1970s.

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