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Simon Jenkins, you’re wrong. Think tanks don’t need to think again

Simon jenkinsj

Think tanks both within the Labour Party and more broadly in British politics have a vital role to play.

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Five crazy ideas from the Tories’ new policy chiefs

Last week it was announced that the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) was to lead the Conservative Party’s policy development. The aim, according to the CPS press release, is to “feed through new ideas for both immediate implementation and the next Conservative manifesto in 2015″.

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Merry Christmas! Here are the best reads of 2012

Merry Christmas all! With the new year approaching fast, IPPR director Nick Pearce rounds up the best reads of 2012.

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Right-wing think tanks much less transparent than left-wing organisations

The new “Who Funds You?” website, launched today, reveals left-leaning think tanks are more open transparent thank their right-wing counterparts.

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The future of the Conservative Party: Big-state Toryism

The Conservatives’ dependence on the ‘grey vote’ and on their think tank apparatus may mean they are committed to ever increasing expenditures in future.

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Pro-cuts think tank Reform takes public sector sponsorship

Tory-Lib Dem council Birmingham City Council is sponsoring Reform’s upcoming conference “Localism and the Public Services Revolution”, at the cost of £7,500.

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Leading think tanks go on the offensive – no party is spared

With polling day just four days away a refreshing sense of honesty, albeit of a brutal nature, was delivered this week by two leading economic think tanks.

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