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Pope Francis: the man who catches the bus and cooks his own meals

The optimism invested in Pope Francis, the 266th holder of the office since St. Peter, was apparent on our television screens last night as pilgrims from all corners of the world – Black and White, rich and poor, European, African, Asian, North and South American – crammed into St. Peter’s Square to hear his first words.

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Pope Jorge Bergoglio: what the papers are saying

The world this morning wakes up with a new Pope, someone that no one expected to take the post. Here’s how the papers have reacted to the news.

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Five challenges facing the new Pope

Left Foot Forward spoke to Catholic Voice writer and speaker Peter D. Williams about the challenges ahead for the new pontiff.

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Is liberation theology about to make a comeback with the next pope?

The frontrunner to be the next pope has criticised neo-liberalism and called on the rich world to do more to help the poor.

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Opinion divided over Ratzinger’s legacy

The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI divides opinion in the media.

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Could a progressive black Cardinal signal the Vatican’s Obama moment?

Could the next Pope be a black progressive? Left Foot Forward looks at the favourites to take over from Pope Benedict XVI.

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