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Don’t blame the immigrants – blame the rich

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Get angry, get furious, but get angry at the right people.

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‘All hail the rich’ – the reality behind tory tax claims

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Right-wingers have been exalting the contribution of the UK’s richest 1 per cent to income tax revenue over recent months. However it’s worth looking at the detail behind these figures.

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Fraser Nelson is wrong about the deserving rich

On Friday, the Daily Telegraph published an article by Fraser Nelson arguing, essentially, that we should not make a fuss about the rise of the super-rich.

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Yes, the mega-rich did postpone their bonuses to avoid 50p tax

This month’s labour market statistics continue the same pattern we have seen in recent months: small improvements in overall employment and unemployment but youth unemployment and long-term unemployment not going anywhere much.

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Why a mansion tax? Why now?

Left Foot Forward makes the case for a mansion tax based on the fact that within the current council tax system the rich do not pay their fair share.

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