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The four best opinion pieces on Ed Miliband’s Europe speech

Ed Miliband1j

Some of the most interesting comment pieces on Ed Miliband’s Europe speech.

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Labour on welfare and free schools: facing electoral reality

New shadow work and pensions secretary Rachel Reeves announced that Labour would be “tougher than the Tories” on benefits, while Tristram Hunt said Labour in government would back a version of education secretary Michael Gove’s flagship free schools programme.

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Why ‘One Nation Social Security’ also needs a map and compass

In Ed Miliband’s speech on social security yesterday, he set out a number of ways in which the present system pays for failure: having too many people in long-term unemployment; subsidising low paid work; subsidising rents rather than building homes; and not recognising contribution.

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Two cheers for Ed Miliband’s shift on welfare. He’s missing something, though

In a speech today at Newham Dockside, Ed Miliband will tackle head on the attempts to brand Labour the party of welfare, and will say that controlling social security spending and putting decent values at the heart of the system are “not conflicting priorities”.

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Labour’s shameful links with the anti-immigration right

Anyone opposed to this shameful collusion with the hardline anti-immigration right should write to the Labour Party figures in question, or to their constituency parties, and make their feelings clear.

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Comment: Macmillan never quite broke with small ‘c’ conservatism – One Nation Labour must be more dynamic

TweetRichard Carr is a research fellow at the Labour History Research Unit As Ed Miliband’s ‘Mansion Tax’ speech proves, for perhaps the first time Harold Macmillan is in fashion right now. At first glance this is odd – in the 1950s and 1960s he was viewed as a stuffy, Edwardian figure ill-suited to the modern […]

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