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Censorship will not consign Jihadism to the dustbin of history

Our government’s lunge for censorship suggests a fear among both officialdom and elected representatives that our society cannot defend itself against bad ideas

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It’s time to turn the words into action on Christian persecution

While the UK has form condemning barbaric acts inflicted on Christians because of their faith. It is time now to turn the words into action.

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The video of James Foley is an escalation: what should the UK response be?

With last year’s vote on Syria in mind there will be a lot of attention given to what the Labour response will be – while we need caution and reflection, the response from the Labour party must reflect the severity of the situation now.

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1-in-800 young British Sunni men are fighting in Syria/Iraq – this should concern us all

TweetToo many young Muslims are going abroad to fight with ISIS – but we should talk about this without posturing or point-scoring.  In June, shortly before ISIS’s take-over of large chunks of northern Iraq, British Muslim commentator and journalist Sharif Nashashibi wrote: “One would be forgiven for thinking there is an exodus of British Muslims […]

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The ISIS declaration has done more for counter-extremism than any government programme

ISIS ncrj

Islamists in the UK don’t like what they see.

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It’s ludicrous to deny the threat to the UK from ISIS

Airport ncrj

ISIS and al Qaeda may attempt to ‘out-jihad’ each other with a high-profile attack on the West.

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Online extremism: we need to target causes rather than symptoms

ISIS flagj

Erasing extremist content and prosecuting foreign fighters won’t be enough.

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Brand Blair may be considered toxic, but some of his arguments are valid

Tony Blairj

Crying foul because of the identity of the messenger should not undermine the importance of his message, writes Jonathan Russell.

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Hain calls for end to Troubles prosecutions

Peter Hainj

Former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain has argued that all crimes related to the troubles that have not yet been solved should be left like that.

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What the war on terror could have been like


Andrew Noakes of the Labour Campaign for Human Rights asks a pertinent question: what if the war on terror has turned out differently?

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