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UKIP is a threat to Labour – it needs a serious response

Tweet Many wrongly see UKIP as a net positive for Labour – this is wrongheaded. Labour needs to get serious about UKIP, says Sam Fowles.  Last week Nigel Farage announced his ambition, not just to be David Cameron’s “worst nightmare” but Ed Miliband’s as well. The general perception amongst the progressive media appears to be that UKIP’s […]

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Obama’s fiscal cliff footwork saves US from new year meltdown

President Barack Obama and the United States Congress go right down to the wire as they only just avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

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USA 2012: The conspiracy aimed at nailing Palin

Alex Hern reports on the defence of Sarah Palin by the Tea Party Express.

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Huhne attacks “Tea Party Tories” – who on Earth does he mean?!

Chris Huhne will denounce the “Tea Party tendency” within the Conservatives in his speech to the Liberal Democrat conference this lunchtime – but who does he mean?

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Coalition cuts are deeper and faster than Tea Party’s

Right-wingers claim that the Coalition has cut by a “smaller amount” than the US debt deal. The truth is that they are faster and deeper than anything in the Tea Party’s wildest dreams.

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The American immigration debate – a chance for liberal reform, but not yet

An in-depth analysis of current European and American immigration policy under President Obama and what it can teach the UK, by ippr’s Matt Cavanagh.

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Woolas represents toxic Labour: but he shouldn’t be barred from standing again

The Woolas case raise an interesting question for the Labour party: if the electorate become hostile to civil liberties, should we? Michael Harris examines the issue.

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Can the Democrats see off the Tea Party threat in South Florida?

Dave Roberts has hit the US mid-term campaign trail in Southern Florida, where incumbent Democratic Congressman Ron Klein is facing a huge challenge from former-army colonel and Tea Party favourite, Allen West.

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Tea Party comes to London

TweetThe European Resource Bank – Europe’s largest annual meeting of free-market think tanks – convenes in London tomorrow. It is hosted by the Taxpayers Alliance (TPA), an organisation whose claims to represent ordinary taxpayers are somewhat undermined by the opulent manner in which the meeting will be carried out. Tonight is launch night, marked by “a champagne […]

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