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‘Use cattle instead of a lawnmower’ and other great money saving tips from the Taxpayers’ Alliance

Over 200 barmy ideas for cutting council budgets will today be proposed by the hard-right pressure group the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

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TaxPayers’ Alliance welfare proposals save little money, but add to misery

The Taxpayers Alliance has released a new report on welfare dependency, but the proposed solutions do little to save costs and only adds to hardship.

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Misleading Taxpayers’ Alliance claims about green energy costs

Yesterday it was claimed in both the Mail and the Telegraph that energy prices were likely to increase by almost a third to £1,900 by the end of the decade.

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Labour tax scandal donor is Taxpayers’ Alliance champion

A businessman who donated £1.65m to the Labour Party is also a major trustee of a charity which has funded the Taxpayers’ Alliance to the tune of over million pounds since 2008.

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Left Foot Forward vs The TaxPayers’ Alliance

Left Foot Forward’s James Bloodworth takes on John O’Connell of the TaxPayer’s Alliance over the mansions tax.

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It’s official: the 50p tax rate raises revenue

As the evidence comes in that the 50p tax rate raises hundreds of millions of pounds a year, Alex Hern looks at what the new Tory line will be on the rate.

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Pickles needs a friend

TweetToday hasn’t been a good day for Eric Pickles – even Gideon was mocking him: ““Economic advisor to Gordon Brown”. I’m not sure I’d put that on my CV if I were Ed Balls. It’s like “personal trainer to Eric Pickles”. Although I have to say, when it comes to chasing down council waste, no-one runs faster […]

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Crazy Taxpayers’ Alliance attack on council that’s *saving* money

The Taxpayers’ Alliance’s lack of research beggars belief; it couldn’t be that the TPA are just a bunch of ideological zealots?

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Taxpayers’ Alliance attack NHS communications – just as government reprieves services

The Taxpayers Alliance is attacking Central London NHS trusts’s decision to recruit a top level professional to lead communications – even though it may make a difference between life and death

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TaxPayers’ Alliance make a mockery of themselves by denying wellbeing evidence

The TaxPayers’ Alliance merely makes a mockery of citizens as well as themselves by denying the evidence on wellbeing, writes Jules Peck.

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