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Miliband must stop spreading myths about benefit claimants

TweetBy Tim Nichols Ed Miliband’s speech contained some tremendously important and bold attacks on powerful elites that have helped create and perpetuate today’s social and economic inequalities. Despite much to welcome it is important understand why many may be upset today. Minutes after taking applause for his rejection of Murdoch during the phone hacking scandal, […]

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Only quarter of voters want to scrap 50p tax

A new poll shows that just 25% of voters support the abolition of the 50p tax rate. Danny Alexander is on the right side of the argument.

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Osborne’s tax cut is not as big or fair as you think

Today’s newspapers seem certain that George Osborne will cut personal taxes by £320 per person. But the move is not as big or fair as you think.

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Per-flight tax pledge just another per-day coalition failure

There has been yet another coalition u-turn – this time over the per-flight tax pledge, reports the Fabian Society’s Natan Doron.

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The truth behind the Mail’s warning that 50p tax will cost £350bn

The Daily Mail this morning reported that “Labour’s 50p tax rate ‘could cost the country £350bn’, Osborne warned”. The claim was calculated on the back of a fag packet.

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Small companies pay most corporation tax as Britain fuels new race to the bottom

New research from Oxford University shows the 30-year race to the bottom on corporation tax. Large companies get away with paying less tax than small companies.

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Lib Dems’ tax threshold policy robs Peter to pay Paul

New analysis by Gavin Kelly shows how individual tax and benefit changes will impact a normal family. They underline the meagreness of the Lib Dem’s policy to raise the income tax threshold.

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Five facts about Osborne’s permanent VAT rise

George Osborne set out yesterday that the VAT rise to 20% would be permanent. Left Foot Forward sets out five facts about the regressive and avoidable tax rise.

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Two nation Conservatism: VAT rise hits North harder than South

A new report shows the Governments rise in VAT could hit not only the poor, but also the middle class heavily, with some areas being particularly drastically hit.

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As Scotland gets greater taxation powers, is Northern Ireland next?

On the day the coalition unveiled its formal legislative proposals to give Holyrood greater tax varying powers, a group of business leaders in Northern Ireland have called for Stormont to be given the power to set its own corporation tax.

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