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The Tory tax bombshell that would clobber middle earners

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A senior Tory at the heart of government policymaking has let slip that the Conservatives are considering a new tax plan which could hammer middle and low earners.

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Coalition deficit reduction has made UK tax base more regressive

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The coalition’s deficit reduction plan has increased the overall tax burden on the poor, says new study.

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Road tax should be more progressive

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Current road tax rules hurt poor car owners more than the rich, writes Mark Rowney.

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Increasing the higher rate tax threshold does not help middle-income earners


By far the biggest gainers from an increase in the 40p threshold are families in the top income decile.

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Budget 2014: To help low earners, look to self-employment tax cuts

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In setting out the Budget and their manifestos, political parties should take account of the recent rise in self-employment.

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Welsh government could gain powers over taxation

The prospect of the Welsh government and assembly gaining significant new powers over taxation has taken a step forward following a declaration by one UK minister.

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Comment: Miliband’s support for the mansion tax marks return of Labour as a genuine alternative

Blogger Salman Shaheen welcomes Labour’s pledge to bring back the 10p tax rate paid for by a mansion tax on properties worth more than £2million.

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Obama’s fiscal cliff footwork saves US from new year meltdown

President Barack Obama and the United States Congress go right down to the wire as they only just avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

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How can we fight child poverty without hitting people’s pockets?

Matthew Butcher argues, with Duncan Exley, that the Living Wage is the only way to reconcile the seemingly conflicting desires to end child poverty but also to decrease taxation.

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Osborne starts to panic about the chance of a Robin Hood Tax

Owen Tudor writes about George Osborne’s panicky response to the Robin Hood Tax, with the chancellor looking increasingly on the side of the super-rich.

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