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Autumn Statement: On offshore tax income at least, the chancellor gets it right

George Osborne nc1j

The government is making a sensible move in criminalising the failure to declare taxable offshore income.

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Natalie Bennett: We have to ban zero-hours contracts

Natalie Bennettj

The Green Party’s leader put forward her views on education, pay and the NHS in a live debate with young voters.

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Tax revenues are under relentless attack – the government needs to take action

George Osborne ncrj

Chasing tax avoiders is labour intensive, but since 2005, 34,000 jobs have gone from HMRC.

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Trillion Dollar Scandal – the biggest heist you’ve never heard of

Poor country ncrj

The World Bank analysed the world’s biggest corruption scandals over that past two decades. Seventy per cent involved anonymous shell companies.

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HMRC’s tax evasion figures are wrong, says report


The evasion figure is almost four times HMRC’s estimate and rising.

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Labour is hitting the right notes on tax avoidance

Ed Balls ncj

Labour is willing to talk about tax avoidance but also tax evasion. For too long politicians have ducked the issue.

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Tories take £1.5 million from controversial hedge fund guru


A top hedge fund guru whose tax affairs have been scrutinised in the past has given £1.5 million to the Conservative Party, new figures from the Electoral Commission can reveal.

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If Gary Barlow had committed benefit fraud Cameron wouldn’t be so sympathetic

Gary Barlowj

We should be a lot angrier about the antics of people like Gary Barlow than about purported benefit fraud.

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Osborne’s record on tax avoidance: spin over substance

George Osborne 10j

The chancellor’s record on tax avoidance suggests this is yet another PR exercise, writes James Bloodworth.

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Mo Farah: from lefty hero to tax exile in 10 short months

Last year Mo Farah was calling on the chancellor to crack down on tax avoidance. Now he want to be a tax exile.

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