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Don’t believe the spin: the middle class didn’t beat the downturn


The press was filled with stories yesterday about the middle class ‘beating the downturn’. It’s a shame it didn’t happen, writes Matt Broomfield.

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Welsh Tories propose tax cut for the wealthy

The Welsh Conservatives are aping their colleagues in Westminster by calling for tax cuts for the very highest earners at a time when living standards are falling for the majority.

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Welsh low-middle income families hit hardest by welfare reforms

The coalition’s government’s welfare reforms will hit low-middle income families in Wales the hardest, according to a report produced for the Welsh government.

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Pennycook: The ‘squeezed middle’ hold the key to victory in 2015

All parties now agree that meeting the socio-economic challenges faced by Britain’s low to middle income families is paramount. But how?

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Ken vows to “ease the squeeze”, saying Boris has “betrayed” Londoners

Ken Livingstone today vowed to “ease the squeeze” on Londoners, pledging to addressing the biggest the rising cost of living which is squeezing millions.

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The real squeezed middle could stagnate for 20 years

Joe Coward writes about the real ‘squeezed middle’, and details how it could take until 2020 for their income to reach the level it was in 2001.

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Labour and the Conservatives need to reach out to the ordinary voter

Policy Exchange’s David Skelton argues Labour and the Tories need to reconnect with the ordinary voter, and lays out policies which could make it happen.

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In Daily Telegraph-ese, the “squeezed middle” means the very rich

The Daily Telegraph thinks the ‘squeezed middle’ begins at more than twice the ninetieth percentile of earners, writes Left Foot Forward’s Daniel Elton.

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How hard is it for families to keep their heads above water?

James Plunkett, secretary to the Resolution Foundation’s Commission on Living Standards, on the Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on ‘minimum income standards’.

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Kellner: Labour needs a vision of “Total Britain”

The president of YouGov, Peter Kellner, has argued that Labour party allusions to ‘middle Britain’ are “no longer useful” for developing a political strategy.

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