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Boris’ pledge to tackle rough sleeping is a failure which gets worse each year


The mayor needs to ask himself whether yearly rises in the number of people living on the streets is a legacy he is happy to continue ignoring.

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We need an honest debate about debt reduction. But don’t expect it from George Osborne

George Osborne nc1j

The reduction of the national debt should be achieved over a generation – not a handful of years.

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Tax havens are syphoning money away from our public services


We need to show our anger about greedy corporates depriving our public services of investment.

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IFS: Tories will need to put up taxes or make bigger spending cuts after election

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The bombshell will come as a boost to Labour ahead of conference season.

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How to control welfare spending: build houses and raise the minimum wage

Minimum wage 2-JPEG

There are more progressive ways to control spending than bashing the poor.

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Obama’s fiscal cliff footwork saves US from new year meltdown

President Barack Obama and the United States Congress go right down to the wire as they only just avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

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Poll: Public back Labour’s argument the cuts are “too far and too fast”

The latest Sun/YouGov poll shows more support for Labour’s argument on the cuts than the coalition’s.

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Scottish independence would leave Trident dead – and the MoD don’t care

Kate Hudson, general secretary of CND, reports that the MoD have made no contingency plans as to what to do with Trident in the event of independence.

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Osborne’s refusal to increase demand leaves young unemployed without hope

The public sector is cutting jobs, the private sector is scaling back recruitment and most of the government’s apprenticeships are being taken up by older people.

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We can still fight Trident: Here’s how

Daniel Blaney defends the CND’s campaign for nuclear disarmament in response to Andrew Gibson’s article.

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