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Miliband’s problem isn’t having the wrong ‘look’

Ed Miliband non copyrightj

What, ultimately, will Labour be about in the coming years?

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Miliband’s bold speech on integration

Ed Miliband’s speech on immigration and integration today talks about real policy issues, and is not just designed to play to the concerns of the tabloid media.

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Con 2012: Cameron’s speech corkers: On the economy, the NHS, the EU, housing benefit…

A look at the corkers in David Cameron’s Conservative Party Conference speech today, on the economy, the NHS, the EU, housing benefit, child poverty…

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Lab 2012: Predistribution: A primer

A look at the rise of a crucial part of Ed Miliband’s vision for the future of the Labour party – predistribution – and how it may spell the end of New Labour.

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Serious Obama shows stomach for the fight and a strategy to match

Sara Ibrahim, chair of the Young Fabians, reports from Charlotte, North Carolina on President Barack Obama’s speech.

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Clinton rides to the rescue, lighting up convention season and firing up the Dems

In the latest in our series of reports from the Democratic National Convention 2012, Sara Ibrahim reports from Charlotte on Bill Clinton’s barnstorming speech.

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Umunna: The case for an active government and modern industrial policy

Read the text of shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna’s speech todoay to Policy Network’s conference on growth and a new political economy.

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Transparency, accountability, responsibility: Miliband’s “one nation banking” principles

Ed Miliband will lay out his plans for a new era of responsibility at the top and outline his vision of “one nation banking” in a speech to Reuters today.

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Cameron the global statesman contrasts with Miliband’s wholly domestic speech

Having been wholly omitted from Ed Miliband’s leader’s speech last week, David Cameron put foreign affairs at the front of his conference speech today.

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Poll worry for Cameron on eve of conference speech

There was worrying poll news for David Cameron on the eve of his Tory party conference speech this afternoon, reports Left Foot Forward’s Shamik Das.

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