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South Africa’s election: a wake-up call for the ANC?


Whilst twenty years of democracy is an anniversary worth celebrating, it’s also a reminder that the struggle for equality is not over.

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Why Raul Castro is speaking at the Mandela memorial and David Cameron isn’t

Raul Castro will be speaking today at the Mandela Memorial and David Cameron won’t. Here’s why.

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Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013: an African titan

Nelson Mandela: 1913 – 2013.

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Is David Cameron our prime minister, or just a travelling arms merchant?

This weekend a coterie of British businessmen including the arms dealer Rolls-Royce were jetted around Kazakhstan on board the private plane of its dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has ruled the large Asian republic for 23 years by filtering oil revenues into his private bank account and cracking down on dissent.

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UK aid to South Africa: cock-up, rather than conspiracy?

The case for progressive internationalism is as strong as ever, but for us to have purchase on the issue of global poverty, Britain needs a presence in these countries beyond our Embassies or High Commissions.

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Freedom from want is nothing without the freedom from fear

In the last year, across the world, 30 per cent of internet users have faced increased restrictions on accessing content. The Association for Progressive Communications estimates that over 45 states have imposed some kind of online restrictions.

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Are the South African police to blame for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp?

The South African police, and the government have a lot of injustices and failures that can be laid at their door, but the actions of Oscar Pistorius on Valentine’s Day is not one of them.

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Why are South African police mimicking white supremacists?

The sickening killing of 27 year old Mido Macia in South Africa this week brought to mind the white supremacist murders in the US which amounted to ‘lynchings’. This, together with the recent high profile rape and murder of Anene Booysen – and even the Oscar Pistorius case – point to a latent violence in the country that the government seems reluctant to tackle.

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The Marikana massacre: a search for the truth

The Marikana massacre resulted in the deaths of 69 protesters, allegations of corruption, and appalling behaviour from businesses.

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Outside In: A conviction politician, and a good read to boot

Carl Packman reviews Peter Hain’s book Outside In, and finds it to be a thoroughly good profile of a conviction politician.

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