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‘I see snow, therefore we’re heading for an ice age!’ – scientists debunk Boris’s climate whiff-whaff

Ros Donald and Christian Hunt of The Carbon Brief debunk Boris Johnson’s latest climate sceptic rantings.

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Excuses, excuses, excuses: The Eurozone crisis, weakness in the US, or the wrong type of snow?

Alex Hern rebuts the FTs claim that the low growth the UK is experiencing is due to matters outside Osborne’s control.

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Lack of resources and preparation create perfect storm for snow chaos

Instead of the Opposition asking questions, Philip Hammond, the transport secretary himself has today ironically demanded answers as to why Britain has been crippled to such an extent by snow and ice, and has consequently announced an official inquiry.

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There’s no chaos like snow chaos: Busting the myth that snow disproves climate change

Recent studies show how record high temperatures are far outpacing record low temperatures across the US, proving recent cold weather is not global cooling.

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Snow chaos strikes Britain but no one’s taking the blame

Why aren’t local authorities better prepared, why don’t they work more closely with central government and why doesn’t every1 learn the lessons of past failures

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Is Scotland failing to learn the lessons of coping with severe weather?

With the snow and ice wreaking havoc once more, questions are being asked over the SNP-led Scottish Government’s ability to cope with the bad weather.

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