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Britain’s sharia councils and secular alternatives

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The secular legal system can uphold the rights of minority women forced to conform to patriarchal religious laws, writes Lejla Kuric.

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Sharia councils: unjust, unequal and consequence of failed integration policies

Sharia courts, which are wrongly perceived to be part of a Muslim’s ‘right to religion’, are in actual fact part of the political battle and fight for power by Islamists.

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Comment: Sharia Law has no place in Britain or anywhere else

We must each strongly and unequivocally demand one equal law for everyone – both here in the UK and abroad

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Risk of extremism in schools must be taken seriously

After extensive trailing yesterday across the BBC and other media, Panorama’s investigation of Islamic schools in the UK, ‘British schools, Islamic rules’, was broadcast last night, writes the Quilliam Foundation’s George Readings.

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Express exaggerate extremism

Today’s Daily Express, once again, gives the misleading impression all Muslims are extremists.

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