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What Philip Hammond ought to tell the Ecuadorian foreign minister about Assange

The Ecuadorian foreign minister wants to talk to Philip Hammond about Julian Assange – this is what our foreign minister should tell him.

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As the Rennard furore fades, all parties must reflect on how the Lib Dems got it so badly wrong

Here are some basics from the world of law and policy on sexual harassment and violence, which are worth bearing in mind in reviewing procedures.

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Infographic: The UK’s low rape conviction rate

The infographic gives an overview of Britain’s shockingly low rape conviction rate.

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It’s time to speak up for the men who are raped in war zones

Reports from Syria of routine rape being used against men and women is a reminder of the unspoken prevalence of the rape of men and boys in areas of conflict.

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Gloucester Slutwalk: women are never to blame for sexual violence

A slutwalk led by the leader of the local Labour group is taking place in Gloucester this Thursday after comments urging women to reduce their risk of being raped by wearing more clothes.

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Women still blamed for sexual violence, according to study

New figures show that women are still blamed by a significant proportion of people for sexual violence.

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