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Tristram Hunt’s Hippocratic oath: a bad policy from a weak shadow education secretary

Tristram Hunt ncr

Attention is now focused on the fallout from Hunt’s policy rather than where it should be – on coalition education policy.

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How the coalition is privatising state education

Children ncrj

Never mind the future threat of for-profit schools, privatisation of English state schools is already underway.

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The Independent editorial that would make Gove proud

Independent Edj

Why is the Independent faithfully reproducing Department for Education propaganda?

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Education policy must acknowledge gender differences

Children ncrj

This year’s GCSE results show the biggest difference between boys’ and girls’ performance since 2003.

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Terrorist toddlers: no change at the Department for Education, then


There is a real cohesion problem Nicky Morgan hasn’t addressed, and it isn’t Trojan horse nurseries.

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Trojan horse and the unbearable silliness of the denialists

Trojan horse plotj

Denial and deflection over extremism is a disservice to Muslim communities.

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Anyone interested in education can learn from the Haberdashers Aske’s debacle

Gove no copyrightj

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Federation scandal exposes Labour’s lack of policy on academies and free schools.

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Questions to Michael Gove from a concerned Haberdashers’ Aske’s parent

Michael Govej

The freedom afforded to academies is not working.

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Don’t put it past Gove –the founder of Carphone Warehouse really could be the next chair of Ofsted


The Tory donor has his own academy chain and a financial interest in selling technology to schools: what could possibly go wrong?

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For all Gove’s talk of parental choice, fewer pupils got their chosen secondary this year

Michael Govej

There is increasing pressure on school places and Michael Gove’s policies are making things worse.

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