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Education policy must acknowledge gender differences

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This year’s GCSE results show the biggest difference between boys’ and girls’ performance since 2003.

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I wish Kate and William well, but there is still too much inequality in childbirth

A Royal baby is on the way as Kate goes into Labour today. The media gather outside of St Mary’s Hospital in London in anticipation of whether it is a boy or a girl.

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Cameron may be breaking OECD aid rules to placate Tory backbenchers

David Cameron’s proposal to allow development aid to be used to fund military spending risks breaking OECD as well as Britain’s own International Development Act.

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Child poverty the “challenge of our generation” says McConnell

Former Scottish first minister, Lord McConnell has called on all parties to unite against child poverty which he called the “challenge of our generation”.

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Tackling the scourge of child poverty in Wales

Huw Lewis AM, deputy minister for children in the Welsh Assembly government, on Cardiff’s strategy for tackling the scourge of child poverty.

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Warnings of generation lost to poverty

Save the Children in Wales has described as a “scandal” new figures showing that Children in Wales are more likely to live in severe poverty than other parts of the UK.

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Shocking new report reveals 1.6m children live in ‘severe poverty’

A new report out today has revealed nearly 1.6 million children in the UK live in severe poverty, with the highest levels of child poverty in Manchester and Tower Hamlets.

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Child poverty figures are bad news

Yesterday’s report on severe child poverty confirms DWP’s official poverty figures. Between 2004-05 and 2007-08 the number of children living in poverty increased.

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