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Obama’s fiscal cliff footwork saves US from new year meltdown

President Barack Obama and the United States Congress go right down to the wire as they only just avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

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Fox News: Fair and balanced (occasional series)

Republican efforts to kill Obamacare with repeal bills are amounting to nothing, but it’s not for want of support from America’s most strident news outlet.

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GOP enters the Santorum quagmire as a brokered convention looms

With former Pennsylvanian Sentor winning a clean sweep of three state contests last night in the race to be the Republican nominee to be President, it appears the GOP has a real problem. A brokered convention looms.

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Republican tax plans put the myth of conservative economic prowess to bed

Alex Hern covers the economic incompetency of the hard-right republican Tea Party’s presidential candidates and Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s crazy tax plans.

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Mitt Romney praises Keynes – by accident

And finally… Republican loony Mitt Romney makes a humorous goof at a campaign rally in New Hampshire.

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