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Towards a one nation housing policy

Yesterday the Labour Housing Group published its long-awaited ‘One Nation Housing Policy’ paper – ’50 Policies for Labour’ – beginning the process of providing Labour with a coherent housing strategy for the next General Election.

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Rents are going to continue rising until the government regulates them

Ask anyone on a low to middle income renting in London if rents are too high, and you’re only going to get one answer.

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We need less corporate socialism for private sector landlords

The UK housing debate is increasingly focused on who the housing system serves: the nation’s needs or vested interests that seek to preserve tenure-based wealth inequalities.

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Private landlords colonising housing market, preventing first time buying

Private landlords are out bidding first-time buyers and pushing house prices out of the reach of many young people, according to a new report.

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We can’t just build our way out of this housing crisis

Do you want to wait thirty years until house prices are at affordable levels again? I doubt many priced out renters in the capital would be happy to put up with the status quo for that long, but that could be the prospect if we just rely on building more homes to solve the housing crisis.

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A challenge to ‘In the Black Labour': Housing benefit will continue to rise unless we tackle the buy-to-let market

In a follow-up to their 2011 report In the Black Labour, Graeme Cooke, Adam Lent, Anthony Painter and Hopi Sen reaffirm their commitment to fiscal conservatism.

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It’s time to consider introducing rent controls

“Build build build. We must build more homes.”

Any politician who came out with such a statement would be greeted with near universal applause. Build them and they will clap.

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What’s to stop landlords passing the cost of immigration checks on to already squeezed tenants?

For the sake of appeasing a handful of Tory backbenchers and shoring up the UKIP vote, the government may have just heaped another burden on already hard-pressed tenants.

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Private rents in London outstrip inflation

Private rents in London are outstripping inflation, new figures reveal.

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Building social housing would cut the housing benefit bill three times faster than a cap

Cormac Hollingsworth shows how social housing could be the best way to save money on housing benefit: Three times as effective as a cap.

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