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Taking apart the flimsy case for private prisons

The right-wing Think Tank Reform published a report yesterday claiming that private firms are better at running prisons. There are fundamental problems with Reform’s analysis, however.

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A bleak future for the NHS. Royal College of Physicians call for action

TweetThe Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, today faces a new and damning report which shows a health service near breaking point. Released by the Royal College of Physicians, ‘Hospitals on the edge? The time for action’ points to a lack of continuity of care and an overstretched workforce. Staff are also having to sacrifice the time spent with […]

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The hall of shame: The 117 Labour and Tory MPs who voted against Lords reform

Last night, 91 Conservative and 26 Labour MPs voted against the second reading of the House of Lords Reform Bill; here is the list in full.

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Non-academies do just as well as academies

Official figures show non-academies do just as well as academies, explains Henry Stewart, a founder member of the Local schools Network.

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Think tank Reform’s school academy claim lacks academic rigour

Think tank Reform asked academies “Are you great?”, they said yes, and then think tank Reform said “academies are great”.

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Caring for the elderly: Why cross-party reform is overdue

Reema Patel details why Britain needs to reform how we care for the elderly in the UK – but explains why it won’t be easy.

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Scottish union chief accuses government of behaving like a “Victorian millowner”

One of Scotland’s major teaching unions has warned that virtually every school north of the border now faces closure on the November 30th, reports Ed Jacobs.

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Politics is too important to be left to politicians – time for citizens’ juries

The Canadian province of British columbia shows how citizens’ juries can build political solutions from the bottom up, building support along the way.

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Osborne’s slashing of police budgets will hinder reform

George Osborne’s decision to eliminate the deficit in a single parliament has left the police with too little time to put in place longer term reforms.

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Pickles letter to Cameron reveals inconvenient truth on benefits cap

The leaked Eric Pickles letter to David Cameron reveals what we already know: poor families will be forced out of London and the South East by the benefits cap.

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