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Experts line up to distance themselves from Fallon’s deregulatory push

Business minister Michael Fallon MP this week blamed both the financial crisis and the deaths in Mid Staffordshire hospital on the “regulatory culture” of the Labour years. However deregulation risks babies and bathwater territory. What we need is better and more effective regulatory systems so that failures cannot be ignored again and stakeholders are protected.

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Beecroft report has very little industry support says UK’s largest employers’ organisation

The UK’s largest sectoral employers’ organisation has slammed the Beecroft report, saying the measures suggested have “little support from industry”.

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Work will get more dangerous and more difficult this year

Bud Hudspith argues that the government is understating the damage caused by bad health and safety, and that cutting the regulations will only hurt more.

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What has Europe ever done for us? Well…

Tony Burke runs through the many, many, many positive things the European Union has done for British workers.

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Budget 2011: Cutting red tape isn’t a strategy for growth

Howard Reed exposes the flaws in the argument that deregulation is a straight road to higher economic growth.

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