Daily Mail columnist says Rihanna’s fashion sense ‘invites rape’

We’ve already written about the Daily Mail once today. But woe betide me for not expecting to find two items to pull them up on in a single day.

This time it’s a tad more serious, however. In a spiteful article about Rihanna, Mail columnist Liz Jones writes that the pop star is a “toxic role model” for young fans because she glories in “drugs, guns and sleaze”.

Serena Williams isn’t the only one indulging rape victim blaming

Tennis star Serena Williams made some silly remarks about rape the other day for which she has now apologised.

Responding to the outrage generated by her original remarks, in a statement posted on her website yesterday Williams said she was “reaching out” to the victim’s family to let her know that she “by no means would say or insinuate that she [the victim] was to blame”.