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Why are we blaming girls for the actions of predatory men?


When young boys are raped or molested, no one asks what they did to deserve it.

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Men are still ‘studs’ while women remain ‘sluts’

If as a society we wish to improve attitudes towards sexual consent – and more importantly reduce the number of women who are sexually assaulted by men – we need to end to the sexual double standard.

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Daily Mail columnist says Rihanna’s fashion sense ‘invites rape’

We’ve already written about the Daily Mail once today. But woe betide me for not expecting to find two items to pull them up on in a single day.

This time it’s a tad more serious, however. In a spiteful article about Rihanna, Mail columnist Liz Jones writes that the pop star is a “toxic role model” for young fans because she glories in “drugs, guns and sleaze”.

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Serena Williams isn’t the only one indulging rape victim blaming

Tennis star Serena Williams made some silly remarks about rape the other day for which she has now apologised.

Responding to the outrage generated by her original remarks, in a statement posted on her website yesterday Williams said she was “reaching out” to the victim’s family to let her know that she “by no means would say or insinuate that she [the victim] was to blame”.

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Rape convictions at an all-time high

Data released by the Crown Prosecution Service today shows that the conviction rate for rape cases has reached an all-time high at 63 per cent of all prosecutions. According to the figures, there were 3,692 rape prosecutions last year and 2,333 convictions, up by 5 per cent since 2008.

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Infographic: The UK’s low rape conviction rate

The infographic gives an overview of Britain’s shockingly low rape conviction rate.

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It’s time to speak up for the men who are raped in war zones

Reports from Syria of routine rape being used against men and women is a reminder of the unspoken prevalence of the rape of men and boys in areas of conflict.

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Gloucester Slutwalk: women are never to blame for sexual violence

A slutwalk led by the leader of the local Labour group is taking place in Gloucester this Thursday after comments urging women to reduce their risk of being raped by wearing more clothes.

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Women still blamed for sexual violence, according to study

New figures show that women are still blamed by a significant proportion of people for sexual violence.

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Syria: Assad’s forces “using rape as a weapon”

The savagery of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continues to worsen with each passing day, reports Shamik Das.

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