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A responsible deficit reduction plan

TweetWith the Spending Review just four weeks away, pressure is beginning to ramp up on George Osborne with widespread public dissatisfaction over his cuts and a challenge from his colleague, Boris Johnson, over the strategy. Pre-empting the Labour leadership candidates’ debate on deficit reduction, I gave a presentation to the Reform think tank earlier this […]

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Osborne let off the hook on spending cuts

George Osborne admitted today that his cuts would be 40% greater than Labour’s plans. But he was let off the hook by Evan Davies on his use of Budget numbers and “fairness” claims.

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Green’s appointment as ‘cuts Tsar’ drives Cable closer to resignation

One could be forgiven for checking that yesterday wasn’t April 1st after waking up to the news that private equity tycoon and asset-stripper extraordinaire Philip Green has been appointed by David Cameron to head a Whitehall spending review.

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Cuts Watch: The consequences of Mr Osborne

George Osborne used his emergency Budget to cut public spending by an additional £32 billion by 2014-15. The growing list of cuts underway makes for painful reading.

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BMA: Cuts to Scotland’s health budget will be a “seismic shock”

The British Medical Association in Scotland has told finance secretary, John Swinney to stop being naive and admit that cuts will have to be made to the NHS north of the border.

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The economic madness of abolishing the UK Film Council

The abolition of the UK Film Council a curious decision; indeed, the government’s decision to scrap the UKFC is not just an act of artistic philistinism – it’s a case of economic vandalism too.

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The false economy of the Coalition’s short sighted cuts

We heard the shriek of ‘Noooooooooo!’ in the North East. The Government’s ideological decision to renege on support for Forgemasters in Sheffield triggered anger but also bewilderment among people I know in Yorkshire.

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How will vulnerable children fare under the Coalition’s cuts?

About one in ten children in the UK suffer abuse or neglect, according to figures by charity Kids Company, who work to protect the capital’s homeless, abused, and vulnerable children.

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The paradoxical stability of welfare expenditure (and why we should be spending more)

Whether they express their views in the élite language of economic or fiscal ‘unsustainability’ or the demotic of ‘welfare scoungers’, everyone apart from a handful of unreconstructed egalitarians seems to agree that welfare spending is too high.

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Legal aid training scheme cuts will hit the poor hardest

The Junior Lawyers Division, Young Legal Aid Lawyers and the shadow legal aid minister Lord William Bach joined forces yesterday to condemn the Government for scrapping the legal aid training contract grants scheme.

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