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The future of the Conservative Party: Big-state Toryism

The Conservatives’ dependence on the ‘grey vote’ and on their think tank apparatus may mean they are committed to ever increasing expenditures in future.

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Even Tory voters want cuts to be temporary

A large majority of the general public – and a slim majority of Tory voters, do not want to see the size of the state shrink and cuts to be reversed at some point

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Poll shows two thirds of public overestimate public expenditure – or do they?

A closer look at ComRes poll, commissioned by the right wing Institute of Economic Affairs, that claimed the public agreed with them on the need for savage cuts.

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Using No2AV’s cant on public spending to campaign against cuts

We thought it was time to turn the tables on the Tories by using the No2AV posters they funded to campaign against the Coalition’s cuts.

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Government ramps up Trident work despite coalition pledge

As the government cracks under pressure on forest sales and housing benefit for the long-term unemployed, further revelations on Trident replacement spending are adding to their headaches.

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OBR inflation figures mean budget cuts for health and schools

New inflation estimates by the OBR mean that the NHS and schools budget will fall in real terms over the spending review period. The Government had promised promised a 0.4 per cent increase in NHS funding.

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‘Ring-fenced’ NHS will receive limited protection from the coalition

Do health services really justify a ring-fenced budget? Left Foot Forward’s health policy expert Trevor Cheeseman examines the issue.

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A responsible deficit reduction plan

TweetWith the Spending Review just four weeks away, pressure is beginning to ramp up on George Osborne with widespread public dissatisfaction over his cuts and a challenge from his colleague, Boris Johnson, over the strategy. Pre-empting the Labour leadership candidates’ debate on deficit reduction, I gave a presentation to the Reform think tank earlier this […]

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Osborne let off the hook on spending cuts

George Osborne admitted today that his cuts would be 40% greater than Labour’s plans. But he was let off the hook by Evan Davies on his use of Budget numbers and “fairness” claims.

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Green’s appointment as ‘cuts Tsar’ drives Cable closer to resignation

One could be forgiven for checking that yesterday wasn’t April 1st after waking up to the news that private equity tycoon and asset-stripper extraordinaire Philip Green has been appointed by David Cameron to head a Whitehall spending review.

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