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Majority of the public reject Osborne’s austerity plan

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Poll shows that neither Cameron nor Miliband are trusted to perform safe cuts.

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Why Labour’s deficit reduction plans are genuinely different to those of the government

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Labour’s deficit reduction plans for the next parliament are genuinely different to those of the Conservatives.

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We still have choices about Trident replacement

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Should we be patrolling with nuclear weapons when we face no current strategic threat and see ourselves as a constructive force for good in the world?

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If Osborne takes us back to the thirties, how different will things look?


Does Osborne have any right to get ruffled about comparisons with the 1930s?

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We need an honest debate about debt reduction. But don’t expect it from George Osborne

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The reduction of the national debt should be achieved over a generation – not a handful of years.

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Do Tory benefit cuts impact on children’s rights?


A new report suggests that young people identify several infringements of their rights in George Osborne’s economic policies.

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Five things to expect from the Autumn statement

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Heroic announcements on public service spending cannot detract from the reality of our economic situation.

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An incoming Labour government will need an iron discipline on public spending and a bold plan for growth

In 2010 George Osborne set out his plan to rescue the UK’s economy, but this week we’ll once again see his failure laid bare. He told the country he would balance the books in this parliament, but his failure to get the economy moving again means that whoever is in government after May 2015 will inherit a deficit of over £90 billion.

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Birmingham’s widening “jaws of doom”

Birmingham’s Labour-run council is facing a £625 million deficit by 2016/2017. Budget cuts of up to 50% are planned. What public services will survive?

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The case for spending to save has been made and won, so do it already

Community Links’s Joe Randall explains the case for preventative spending, and argues that it is time the government actually acts on their rhetoric.

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