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Siding With A Tyrant: British Policy Towards Bahrain And Its People

The people of Bahrain have suffered severe repression at the hands of their government and yet the UK continues to support the Bahraini monarchy.

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Opinion: In praise of Caroline Lucas

TweetLewis Coyne is a member of SERA: Labour’s Environment Campaign. He writes here in a personal capacity. On Tuesday the Green MP Caroline Lucas was released on bail following her arrest in the West Sussex village of Balcombe. Lucas had taken part in Monday’s protest against the exploratory drilling undertaken by fracking company Cuadrilla, who […]

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The EU should listen to Turkish demonstrators and engage

Since the demonstrations broke out in Turkey last week, an unprecedented number of articles have been published highlighting the deeper causes of people’s grievances.

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Trade unionists around the world should lend their voices to the resistance of the Turkish people

At noon today the 240,000 member strong Turkish Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (KESK) began a two day strike in response to “state terror implemented against mass protests across the country” in what may prove to be a significant development for the brave and burgeoning protest movement triggered by #occupygezi.

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“Time to stop this utter madness; the more it continues, the worse it will be”

Ed Jacobs reports on the latest from Northern Ireland, with yet more disturbances over the Belfast flag dispute.

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“We don’t need another dictator” – Egypt set for protests as triumphant Morsi tightens grip

Egypt is braced for mass rallies after President Mohamed Mursi, fresh from brokering the Gaza ceasefire, passed a decree giving himself sweeping new powers.

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Following his support for Assad, Putin now hopes to silence his own dissenters

He refuses to cut ties with Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad, and now Russian president Vladimir Putin is expected to pass a bill to quash protests in his own country.

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As top pay soars, the 99% are left behind

The news about top bosses’ pay this morning is just the latest in a series of reports highlighting huge disparities between the top 1% and the remaining 99%.

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A Syrian civil war is becoming ever more likely

Alex Hern writes about reports of strong pro-Assad demonstrations in Damascus, raising the possibility of a Syrian revolution devolving into a fully fledged civil war.

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The “occupy” protests come to the City this Saturday

Protests similar to those that have targeted Wall Street in recent weeks are set to hit the City of London this weekend, reports Left Foot Forward’s Shamik Das.

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