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Labour can learn from the success of Italy’s centre-left primaries

In his latest report from the Italian elections, Shamik Das looks at the success of Partito Democratico’s primaries, a model Labour might consider emulating.

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Primaries: Australia’s Labor Party holds successful experiment

The Australian Labor Party has become the latest party to experiment with primary elections – 43,300 locals turned out in an election in Sydney this weekend.

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Will primaries address the EU’s ‘democratic deficit’?

Jon Worth looks at whether the use of primaries to elect the President of the European Union will help address the EU’s perceived democratic deficit.

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French primaries point the way for democracy

The French Socialist Party’s presidential primaries point the way ahead for British political parties, to the great benefit our democracy, writes Will Straw.

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Bracknell shows Conservatives are inconsistent on electoral reform

Iain Dale lost his campaign to become the Conservative party’s prospective parliamentary candidate on Saturday night. Instead, Dr Philip Lee won the vote. But the voting system used revealed a contradiction in Conservative policy.

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