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As well as talking tough on police killers, Theresa May should look at police brutality

The home secretary Theresa May announced today that under the Conservatives those convicted of killing a police officer will have their sentences raised to the ‘whole life’ category, usually reserved for the very worst types of murderer.

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Are the South African police to blame for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp?

The South African police, and the government have a lot of injustices and failures that can be laid at their door, but the actions of Oscar Pistorius on Valentine’s Day is not one of them.

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If the London model for Police Commissioners is the answer, what is the question?

Jenny Jones AM, leader of the Green Party on the London Assembly, looks at the problems of the Police and Crime Commisioner model for London.

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Watch: PMQs: ‘A night in the cell for yobs, a night at the Carlton Club for Mitchell’

Ed Miliband went on the attack over ‘pleb gate’ at the first post-conference season Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament today, reports Shamik Das.

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Watch: Theresa May fails to condemn Andrew “you’re f-ing plebs” Mitchell

Not once, not twice, but three times in Parliament today Theresa May was offered the chance and declined to condemn disgraced Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell.

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Con 2012: The 15,000 axed police officers Theresa May failed to mention

Left Foot Forward looks at Theresa May’s speech to the Tory Party conference yesterday in which she failed to mention the huge cuts to police numbers.

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Promises, promises and Met Police cuts

Jenny Jones uncovers the broken promises of Boris Johnson on the police – with massive police cuts being implemented on the Mayor of London’s watch.

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Comment: Arming our police is not the solution

Following the murders of policewomen Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, there have been calls to arm the police; this is not the answer, writes James Hallwood.

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Bankers’ buddy Boris breaks promise not to slash police and fire budgets

Boris Johnson, the bankers’ best friend, is breaking his promise not to cut London’s police and fire brigade budgets, reports Shamik Das.

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If hundreds of back office staff are sacked, police officers will be stuck behind desks

Much of the political discussion about crime in London doesn’t seem to recognise that the police service is made up of more than just police officers.

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