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Earnings now at same level as 2002 for squeezed middle

Real earnings have declined since 2009 and are at the same level as 2002.

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The coalition is in ‘growth denial’

TweetThe Bank of England is expected to downgrade its growth forecasts today while warning of more financial pain to come. As the graph shows, the growth trend in the UK economy has been downward since around the third quarter of 2010 – coincidentally, about the time George Osborne set out the coalition’s spending plans (20th […]

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Just 1 in 100 government infrastructure projects completed

Less than one in 100 of the coalitions infrastructure projects are finished, according to figures which will be put to the government by Labour tomorrow.

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More spending cuts on the way if coalition is to meet savings targets

If the coalition is to meet its spending targets it will have to make further cuts to departmental budgets.

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Balls woos Cable, in Plan B plea to “sensible people in the government”

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has followed Labour leader Ed Miliband’s lead, making fresh overtures to business secretary Vince Cable.

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“There’s no such thing as broken Britain, we’re just bloody broke in Britain”

Britain’s urban youth have finally found a voice – in the form of award-winning rap artist Ben Drew, aka Plan B; Heather Spurr reviews his new film, iLL Manors.

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More than 70% of public want Osborne to U-turn on cuts and adopt a Plan B

George Osborne may have performed reverses on the “pasty tax” and “caravan tax” last night, but it’s on austerity the public really wants a U-turn.

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Plan B: “Class war is perpetuated in the media, and we all fall into the trap”

Nearly a year after the riots, Plan B’s directorial debut is a stark depiction of the lives of Britain’s underclass and a clarion call to a society in denial.

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Economic Update – February 2012: Double dipped

IPPR chief economist Tony Dolphin presents the economic update for February 2012.

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Osborne should change course next Tuesday, but he won’t

Those hoping for a change of course when the chancellor delivers his Autumn Statement will be disappointed, write IPPR’s Tony Dolphin and Adam Lent.

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