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Hain calls for end to Troubles prosecutions

Peter Hainj

Former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain has argued that all crimes related to the troubles that have not yet been solved should be left like that.

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Severn Barrage: Over to the government

Today’s Energy Select Committee Report on the Severn Barrage is disappointing. The Committee are clear that they would support the creation of the Barrage on the Severn estuary subject to the fulfilment of certain environmental, social and economic criteria.

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Hain has dig at shadow cabinet

One of Ed Miliband’s closest supporters has called on the Labour Party to up its game with a less than coded attack on members of the shadow cabinet who are failing to pull their wait.

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Government not doing enough to engage with loyalist community – Peter Hain

TweetA former Northern Ireland Secretary has criticised the Government for failing to do enough to engage with the loyalist community in Northern Ireland. Amidst on-going violence on the streets of Belfast over the decision by the City Council to fly the Union Jack only on certain days at the city hall, Labour MP Peter Hain […]

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Outside In: A conviction politician, and a good read to boot

Carl Packman reviews Peter Hain’s book Outside In, and finds it to be a thoroughly good profile of a conviction politician.

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Hain calls for improved resourcing of mine rescue service

Peter Hain has called for better resources for mine rescue services after saying the Swansea Valley Gleision mine disaster highlighted “potentially lethal” flaws.

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The Refounding Labour offer to non-members

Refounding Labour offers lots of opportunities to non-members – if the resources are available.

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Hain: Help us build a modern, outward-facing progressive party

Labour’s Peter Hain, chair of the Refounding Labour project, invites Left Foot Forward readers to help “rebuild a progressive political party fit for our time”.

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Lib Dems remain unconvinced by Hain’s “love bombing”

What is undeniable is that the Lib Dems are being taken very seriously by both Labour and Conservatives in a way that has not happened for a long time.

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