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Anger at government reforms to Disability Living Allowance

TweetOn Wednesday, disability rights campaigners urged the Lords that the government’s proposed introduction of Personal Independence Payment, to replace the Disability Living Allowance, had serious flaws and requires significant changes. The website We Are Spartacus, which features the opinions of disabled people on the issue of welfare reform, has submitted an analysis of the PIP […]

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IDS’s continuing spin war against people with disabilities: part 47

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions continues to use misleading figures on the growth of disability benefit claims to underpin his case for reform.

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Boris has slammed Coalition welfare reforms – from the left

The most prominent politician to oppose the government welfare reform is – amazingly – Boris Johnson, taking on benefit scrounger myths and arguing against over-testing

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Government ploughs on regardless with cuts to disability support

Councillor Neil Coyle, director of policy for the Disability Alliance, reports on the government’s refusal to act on public concerns over disability allowance reforms.

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